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Parents in several Greek cities protest compulsory use of masks in schools

Parents demonstrated on Sunday in Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Heraklio against the compulsory use of face mask by students in schools.

Some held posters saying “No child with a mask in schools,” “Hands off our children.”

Others had posters calling on “people to uprise – game over”

In Thessaloniki, a woman was seen stepping in anger over a pile of masks.

Of course, none of the ‘outraged citizens’ wore a mask or kept social distancing.

Video: Anti-mask,anti-vax and anti-test rally in Thessaloniki

According to media reports, among the crowd were far-rights and religious zealots.

In Athens and Thessaloniki there were estimated some 2,000-3,000 people.

sources: zougla

PS OK, now we know how to beat the coronavirus: we make a pile of masks and step on it – The method works perfectly when somebody nearby is holding a cross…

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  1. Crazy people. Always some that want to make a name for themselves even if it means behaving in a foolish way. They will gain notoriety and their fifteen minutes of fame for the harm that they are creating.
    I wish that during my 30 years of teaching that masks should have been used during bouts of colds and flu, got so fed up with the number of time I became infected by pupils who had a poor sense of hygiene and whose parents packed them off to school despite them being unwell and infectious.

    • High Yield Consultant

      Yes John Phipps … really crazy … It is like saying it is safe to be speeding in downtown Athens … wash your hands as frequently as you can, use hand sanitizer whenever possible, avoid crowds of people like in this article, and wear a mask in a confined area … we will all be more safe!

  2. There is no shortage of stupid people !