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Big Brother Greece: Outrage over player’s vulgar rape statement; gov’t intervenes

Furious social media users have been lashing out at a participant of reality show Big Brother who has made a misogynistic and vulgar comment on women and rape. Player Antonis, a 31-year-old macho from Crete, endorsed and encouraged rape on Skai TV Livestreaming: if a woman doesn’t like you, then rape.

His teammates do not react disapproval but they laugh like the jerks they are.

Hundreds of Greeks on social media have been calling for the man’s disqualification from the show and his expulsion from from the Big Brother house, criminal charges against him for inciting rape as well as sanctions for Skai.

It is not the first time, the player has used vulgar, racist and discriminating expression against people.

“The society garbage, shame on his parents for his breeding,” wrote an internet user.

On Twitter hashtag #cancelbigbrothergr has been Top Trending the whole day Sunday, many users call on sponsors to withdraw from the show or face boycott.

Government, opposition parties

Late on Sunday, government spokesman Stelios Petsas posted on Twitter that he requested an investigation by the Greek Radio-Television Council:

“On the occasion of reports about a dialogue in a television reality show, with vulgarly sexist content that even refers to a criminal act, I have requested an immediate investigation by the ESR. I also contacted the TV station and I take its immediate reaction for granted,” Petsas wrote.

SYriza and KINAL/PASOK have condemned the vulgar statement speaking of promoting the “culture of rape.”

“Reproducing the culture of rape is unthinkable for our society. The responsibility of the channel that transmitted cannibalism is enormous. No tolerance. The ESR should have already intervened to stop this vulgarity,” posted formed Labor Minister Efi Achtsioglou.

Sponsor withdraws

The first sponsor, a furniture company, has reportedly already withdrawn from the Big Brother saying in a statement that the comment is to condemn and that “Rape is a crime and must be dealt with as such even when it is mentioned on the altar of television ratings.”

The company responsible for the outdoors setting of the reality show said in a statement that it wants the expulsion of the players from the show and a public apology from Skai.

While the Skai is probably asleep (it’s 1:20 am Monday), but the sponsors are awake, they withdraw one by one from the show.

Skai Reaction

The first reaction of Skai TV was to interrupt the Big Brother Livestreaming. The show production has reportedly invited the player to the communication room to clarify what exactly he meant, giving him the right to apologize.

The except from Livestreaming with the shameless comment was taken down from YouTube late on Sunday. It had hundreds of negative comments.

PS He should explain “what exactly he meant?” A rape is a rape and he stated it very clearly…

Equally shocking with Antonis’ statements is that no persecutor has intervened so far. The Livestreaming was early Sunday – and it’s now early Monday.

At least, the government intervened, which is rare in such cases.


Around 1:30 am Monday, the Big Brother production released a video showing the player being ousted from Big Brother.

He did not even apologize.

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  1. Time to get this sort of crap off the TV permanently. It’s not worth the money they spend on it and most people are disgusted by this rubbish. This ‘player’ should be investigated criminally by the police and an example made of him to all young people in Greece. His beliefs and actions cannot be tolerated in a civilised society.

  2. He calls himself a “gym rat”. Use rat poison!!!!

  3. Can’t believe this program is still on the TV in some countries. Garbage for morons.

  4. I bet he’s made his poor parents real happy and proud. Immediately commenters talk about the “upbringing his parents gave him”. Somehow I don’t think daddy pulled him aside and told him to rape women who wouldn’t give it up willingly.

    The man is 31 years old and I doubt that he takes advice from his parents any more. His thoughts are his own. He needs to be prosecuted for hate speech or whatever fits in Greek law. I wonder how many women will come forward now to make accusations.

  5. Just a thought but if so many people are commenting then so many people are watching. What does that say about the real problem?
    Just a thought………………………..

  6. We are what we feed upon. If we watch garbage we can only expect more garbage. Beware what we are feeding our minds and souls!