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Civil Protection imposes “mini lockdown” in 4 Regional Units in North Greece

Greece’s Civil Protection impose restrictive measures – so-called: mini lockdown – against the spread of the coronavirus in four Regional Units in northern Greece. According to a press release, the decision follows an extraordinary meeting at the Civil Protection Operation Center on Thursday and the new epidemiological data that have emerged in the Regional Units of Pella, Pieria, Imathia, in western Macedonia, as well as the one of Kilkis in central Madeconia.

The press release notes that the restrictions are imposed “for urgent reasons to address a serious risk to public health and in particular to limit the spread of the effects of COVID-19 disease.

The mini lockdown measures are the following:

– Suspension of any kind of event, such as parties, trade fairs, religious processions, open markets, etc.

– Prohibition of any kind of gathering of citizens over 9 people for any reason, both in public and in private.

– In dining areas allowed is a maximum number of 4 people at each table; in case they are first-degree relatives up to 6 are allowed.

  • The use of mask is mandatory both outdoors and indoors.

It is noted that in consultation with the Ministry of Finance, affected companies may suspend employment contracts.

The restrictive measures are valid for 14 days, from 06:00 on Friday, 11. September 2020, until 06:00 on Friday, 25. September 2020, the Civil Protection said in its press release.

In its usual practice the Civil Protection did not announced the number of coronavirus infections in these four regional units.

However, media suggest that many workers at the can factory in Giannitsa live in these areas. The factory temporarily shut down two days ago due to clusters of infections. Many seasonal workers are being transferred to the factory on a daily basis. The factory would occupy some 680 people.

According to Alpha TV, 114 new confirmed cases on Thursday are related to the can factory.

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