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Prosecutor investigates anti-masks parents who threaten teachers

Judicial authorities have intervened and investigate anti-masks parents who threaten teachers, just days before schools open in Greece on September 14. The use of face masks is compulsory for students and teachers.

Teachers’ unions have denounced to judicial authorities that members have received threats including out of court documents by parents who oppose the use of masks in schools.

Head of the Prosecutors office has reportedly ordered investigation to determine  whether criminal acts are being committed regarding the non-use of a mask by children in view of the new school year.

Criminal acts to be investigated are: violation of measures to prevent diseases, incitement to disobedience and unlawful violence.

As the anti-mask movement seems to be growing among parents who are getting more and more aggressive , authorities are concerned of possible tensions and incidents between parents and teachers when the schools open next Monday.

According to website healthreport, some parents have increased their reactions against the use of face mask, claiming that the coronavirus does not exist and that therefore the measures in the schools are “anti-democratic.”

It is obvious that these parents move in the sphere of conspiracy theories and of fake news.

Last Sunday hundreds of parents held anti-mask protests in several Greek cities, without taking into consideration that there are vulnerable students and teachers in the school classes.

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias has clarified that the mask is mandatory in all school classes. Especially, students from kindergarten to 3rd grade will be given training of using the mask.

Authorities have made clear that no parents will be allowed into schools, unless due to a previous arranged appointment, and that students who will not wear a mask will not be allowed to attend classes.

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