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Newborn refugee baby Covid-19 positive; tension high in Kara Tepe

From the turbulent streets of Kara Tepe to the hospital in Mytilene: a 20-day-old refugee baby was transferred from the turbulent streets of Kara Tepe to the hospital in Lesvos’ capital Mytilene on Friday.

The new born baby of Afghan origin developed fever and respiratory problems and was transferred to the hospital where it was diagnosed positive to coronavirus.

The baby’s mother was also tested positive to Covid-19.

According to local media stonisi, the baby will need intubation in a pediatric ICU that the hospital on the island does not have.

Together with the mother, the refugee baby is scheduled to be transferred with a special ambulance flight to Athens.

It should be noted that the woman and the newborn are not included in the 35 refugees and asylum-seekers who were tested positive to the virus or their contacts.

The infected patients left the Moria camp together with the other refugees after the fires and have been living on the streets together with the thousands without a shelter.

Tear gas against protesters

Women and children were terrified Saturday noon, when riot police fired tear gas at protesting refugees.

Earlier on Saturday, tension went high again, when a group of the stranded refugees launched a protest and some threw stones at police.

According to a report by state broadcaster ERT TV, mostly children and women have suffered from the tear gas, some were even hit by stones and many sought medical help at a tent set up by the Medicines Sans Frontieres.

Some of the protesters demand to be allowed to leave the island, some others simply want food, water and a roof over their heads.

Housing underway

The first 500 tents have been set up by the Greek Army for the new provisional camp in Kara Tepe, while thousands spent the fourth night on the streets.

Some 3,000 people, mostly vulnerable are reportedly expected to be hosted in this camp.

The camp at Kara Tepe opened its gates on Saturday afternoon, the first 40 people reportedly moved from the streets inside.

And the rest 9,000 people from the burned down Moria camp? Nobody seems ot have an answer right now, except for the government plan for a “closed, controlled facility” on the island.

European Commission Vice and Commissioner for the European Values, Margaritis Schinas said on Friday, that the Commission will partly fund and co-manage the new camp. The facility plans are expected end of September.

PS Over two weeks until the EU plan is ready. How many should we add until the camp -which is controversial due to its structure – stands?

*thumbnail picture is from Saturday during the clashes between protesting refugees and police.

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  1. High Yield Consultant

    There is a message here for all Greeks … babies, infants, etc. have virtually no immune system … they should not be brought to any area crowded with people … there is just too much of a chance that something can be transferred to them, whereas adults might have a chance with their stronger immune system protection …

  2. Poor people, running from the dangerous places, saving their live, waiting months fro the papers – not always are getting – and now – not even the roof above the head, and ill.
    I will add also, I understand difficulty for the locals people, because I live just 1 km from the hot spot on other island.