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Medicane IANOS is heading to Crete, warns Greece’s Meteo Service

Medicane IANOS is heading to the island of Crete, the National Observatory of Athens’ (NOA) Meteo weather service said early afternoon Saturday. According to the latest forecast data of NOA, the center of IANOS was located in the South Ionian.

IANOS center located South-West of Peloponnese at 9:30 am Saturday.

The cyclone-like weather front is expected to move southern on Saturday and then South-East with its effects gradually limited to the southern parts Greece.

From Saturday afternoon (Sept 19) and on Sunday (Sept 20) the Medicane will affect Crete, the meteo service stressed in a post upload at 13:30.

The following video prepared by presents successive forecast maps of the cumulative rainfall of IANOS until the night of Sunday 20/09, indicating both the movement of the system and the areas that will be mostly affected.

Video Forecast for Saturday and Sunday, Sept 19-20, 2020 by NOA meteoservice

The passage of the Medicane through Attica does not seem to have created significant problems, head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said earlier Saturday.

“The weather system seems to be weakening in the region of Attica but we must remain vigilant in the region of Arcadia, in Leonidio especially, in Argolida and in Kythira,” he said regarding areas in Peloponnese on Saturday afternoon.

Storms and rainfalls were  very intense in the region of Corinth on Saturday afternoon as IANOS has been affecting Eastern Peloponnese.

Fire brigades had received over 15 calls to pump waters from flooded houses in Loutra of Oraia Eleni and Almiri.

Video: Floods in Oraia Eleni

Traffic police has closed the Isthmus-Epidaurus national road from the 3rd to the 34th kilometer, as a precaution measure.

Mediterranean Cyclone IANOS stroke the west coast of Greece on Thursday night and stayed there almost 24 hours. IT cause devastating destruction especially on the islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca.

At the same time, it struck Thessaly in Central Greece, destroying infrastructure, buildings and bridges, reportedly flooding over 5,000 homes. Two people have died and three were missing in the area on Saturday morning.

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