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Golden Dawn Prosecutor: Life for Fyssas’ murderer, 13 years for party leadership

The prosecutor of Golden Dawn trial proposed on Tuesday morning the sentences for the leadership of the neo-nazi party, the murderer of rapper Pavlos Fyssas and his accomplices as well as for those involved in attacks against Egyptian fishermen and unionists of PAME.

The Court of Appeals had rejected “mitigating circumstances” for all convicts except for four. Maximum sentence for establishing and operating a “criminal organization” is 15 years.

Prosecutor’s sentence proposals:

13 years imprisonment for 7 former GD MPs including leader Nikos Michaloliakos, MEP Giannis Lagos, covnicted for establishing and operating a “criminal organization.”

Life imprisonment for Giorgos Roupakias, who stabbed and killed Pavlos Fyssas, plus 7 years for participation in “criminal organization.”

8 years imprisonment for Roupakias’ accomplices.

7 years imprisonment for ex GD MPs including Michaloliakos wife, Eleni Zaroulia, for participating in a criminal organization.

5 years imprisonment for 4 ex MPs for participation in criminal organization and for whom the Court accepted mitigating circumstances.

10 and 7 years imprisonment for those who attacked the Egyptian fishermen and attempted to kill one of them.

10 and 6 months imprisonment for those who attacked the PAME unionists.

Following the sentencing proposal the defense lawyers are currently speak on the matter, however, much shorter than when they tried to push “mitigating circumstances” for their clients.

When lawyers conclude, the judges will hold a meeting and then will announce the sentences for each convict.

It is crucial whether the court will suspend imprisonment and for which defendants, until the cases are heard at a seocnd instance court.

Arrest warrants will be issued for the rest of the defentants.

The Court has yet to decide whether it will follow the prosecutor’s sentence recommendations.

50 out of 57 GDs have been convicted for felony. Among them are 18 former MPs.

UPDATE: The Court will announce the sentence at 12 o’ clock noon on Wendesday, October 14.

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