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Tajik national arrested in Tripoli as suspected ISIS member

Greek authorities arrested a national from Tajikistan as suspected member of the ISIS. the 27-year-old man was arrested in the town of Tripolis in central Peloponnese on Thursday.

Against him there was a high priority Red Arrest Warrant issued by the Interpol.

The man was arrested during a random stop-and-search operation by local police near Tripoli.

He is expected to be taken to prosecutor of Nafplio and be deported.

Authorities did not release his identity or his picture.

According to media information, the father of four has arrived on the island of Lesvos in 2017 as “illegal migrant.” He obtained asylum and was living since some time in an apartment rented by an NGO in Tripoli.idng to media,

The man claims that he is son-in-law of the opposition leader in Tajikistan and that he has been persecuted and tortured in his country, therefore he asked asylum in Greece.

Greek Police is in contact with authorities in Tajikistan to determine what exactly is going on with the man.

Authorities did not reveal when the Interpol issued the arrest warrant.

PS Mean Greeks claim that the man confused Tripolis in Libya with Tripoli in Peloponnese.

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