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Police to ban rallies on murder anniversary of teenager boy Grigoropoulos

The Greek police is expected to ban public gatherings throughout Greece on Sunday, December 6, on the murder anniversary of teenager Alexandros Grigoropoulos by a police officer in 2008.

Sources form the Ministry for Citizen protection told media that the same restrictions as the ones during the anniversary of the Polytechnic Students’ Uprising on November 17 will apply.

The measures banning marches and rallies will be justified for reasons of public health, to avert the spread of the coronavirus, and will include fines for both organizers and participants of demonstrations and rallies .

The police measures are expected to be finalized on Friday afternoon, after  a series of meetings at the citizen protection ministry and police headquarters in Athens.

According to the same sources, over 4,000 policement will be deployed to patrol in Athens.

The police plan intends to prevent protest rallies at the corner of Messolonghiou and Tzavella Streets in Exarchia, where Grigoropoulos was shot dead by special police guard Epaminondas Korkoneas on December 6, 2008, as well as in other places in Athens where people may gather.

It is noted that many lawyers, journalists,  teachers, artists and other people have signed a text calling on people to pay tribute at the site of Grigoropoulos’ murder on Sunday, while observing all the protection measures against Covid-19.  

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