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Supermarkets in Greece not allowed to sell toys over Christmas, says Minister

Supermarkets will not be allowed to sell toys,” Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Saturday just hours after the government announced that retail shops will remain closed over the Christmas season, with the exception of click away service.

“Toy stores make 30% of their turnover every year during the holidays and now we do not allow them to open, so we want them to work at least with the delivery out,” he said.

“If we allowed supermarkets to sell toys, we would greatly reduce the chances of someone buying from the stores through the order process over the internet and over the phone,” he added.

However, he said that if supermarkets have click away service, they can sell toys yet not inside the store.

Georgiadis explained that if the sale of toys inside supermarkets is allowed, mobility will increase, as “whole families would go together so that the child chooses the toy.”

The Minister reiterated that during the click-away process “only one person will be allowed to go to a shop to pick up the ordered product,” and that there will be flexibility of “one hour before and one hour after” the fixed time set by the shop for picking up.

He threatened that the click-away service may be cancelled if there is “crowding in Ermou”, the main commercial street in Athens.

Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said that shop owners are obliged to prepare lists of customers appointments for order pick up and that these appointments should be in 10-minute intervals. Also cusotmers should wait outside the shops for 10 minutes. “Otherwise, there ill be fines,” he reportedly said.

PS as if Ermou is the whole Greece… *rolling eyes*

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  1. Toys tend to be cheaper in supermarkets, enabling the many less well off people to purchase. Many people do not have access to “click away” which apparently necessitates a phone, nor the necessary the time to spend in queues. How is it that Christmas decorations have priority over essentials? So disappointing! as f there were not enough difficulties to cope with.

    • Disappointing ? It’s insane first we deal with covid now they are using the excuse of crowding to buy toys in supermarkets and this is not just a Greek thing it’s Europe wide (incl UK) crazy rule after crazy rule. 0.4% death rate last time I looked definitely genetic in its ability to kill, no more news about where it came from and we cancel Christmas! I cannot complain I’m lucky but what about the 30% of the population unlucky?

  2. Yet again no thought for anywhere outside of Athens.

    Where I live doesn’t have specific toys shops, toys are sold in our bigger supermarkets and jumbo. Jumbo isn’t open, the supermarkets aren’t allowed to sell them and anything ordered online is somewhere in transit!

    Genius planning (not) and total lack of ability to think of the small places/islands that make up a high percentage of Greece! This is becoming boring now!