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Covid-vaccination for general population in Greece to start mid-January

The platform on which the general population will be able to book their vaccination appointments once the Covid-19 jabs arrive in Greece will open in mid-January, Health Ministry Secretary General for Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous, said at Monday’s briefing on the government’s upcoming vaccination program.

Doctors and nurses at the national health system will be the first to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, National Vaccination Committee Chair Maria Theodoridou said on Monday evening during the live briefing on the government’s upcoming vaccination program.

Theodoridou, pediatrician at the Athens University Medical School, added that elderly people at nursing homes will be vaccinated next, followed by members of the general population aged 85 and over.

On December 26, Greece shall receive the first 9,000 vaccines and another 429,000 vaccines will be received by the end of January 2021. By end of March, Greece will have received some 1,665,550 vaccines.

Referring to the European Medicines Agency, which on Monday cleared the coronavirus vaccine by Pfizer-BioNTech for further marketing authorization by the European Commission, Theodoridou explained that the vaccine’s mRNA does not carry the virus and has no effect on the human cells’ DNA. She also noted that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine “is very safe, it creates a great number of antibodies, and its effectiveness exceeds 94 pct.”

On the new variant of the novel coronavirus, which spread in the UK in recent days, she said that “the mutated variant of the coronavirus does not appear to hinder the vaccine’s effectiveness (…) and will certainly not have any impact on the vaccinations schedule,” while “mRNA vaccines can, very easily, adapt to mutations.”

However, she underlined that even when vaccinations do begin, people must continue observing safety measures like social distancing and wearing face masks.

The Ministry of Digital Governance has prepared the relevant online platform ( that will be accessible by citizens for coronavirus vaccination appointments. It will open to the public around mid-January.

Inoculations are scheduled to begin on December 27 at five hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki, pending the vaccines’ arrival.

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  1. Is it the intention of the Greek government to vaccinate foreign nationals who have lived in
    Greece for many years? I have yet to see any reference of foreign nationals with regards to vaccination.

    • no idea. but for some registration tax number is necessary.

    • As far as I can tell if you are registered in the Greek healthcare system then you should be called for vaccination automatically provided you fit the right age category. If you have a TAXISNet ID and password and an AMKA number you can register your mobile number and/or email address to receive e-prescriptions from a doctor. Once you have done that you should receive notification of your vaccination appointment by SMS and/or email. The link in the article takes you to a government web site with three panels. The right hand panel, with an old man on a couch, includes a button that will take you to the web page where you can start the process of registering your contact details. the emvolio page translates well into English if you open it in Chrome. Unfortunately you need to plow your way through the registration process in Greek.