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First doses of Moderna vaccine arrive in Greece

The first 8,000 doses of the Moderna vaccines arrived in Greece on Wednesday. It is the first batch of over 240,000 doses of Moderna vaccines to be delivered in Greece in total.

20,000 doses of Moderna vaccine are reportedly expected to be delivered to Greece in January, another 115,000 doses in February and 105,000 doses in March.

The total deliveries of the Moderna vaccine to Greece in the first three months of 2021 will reach 240,000 doses.

Additionally, up to the end of January, Greece will receive 427,050 doses from Pfizer by the end of February and 558,675 doses by the end of March. A total of 1,348,425 doses will be delivered by Pfizer to Greece by the end of March.

There is also the prospect that another 1,180,930 doses will be added to these under the additional EU-Pfizer agreement.

Greek authorities have said that a citizen cannot choose which vaccine he will receive.

Vaccination against Covid-19 is not mandatory in Greece.

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