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Dramatic rescue of young dolphin in Kavala, norther Greece (videos)

Winter swimmers in Kavala, northern Greece spotted a young dolphin trapped in the shallow waters of Ofrini beach, unable to find its way back to the open sea. A rescue operation was launched with a happy ending. A few hours earlier and at the same beach, another young dolphin was found dead.

The swimmers spotted the dolphin struggling with the waves and tried to help it find its way back to the sea. However, the sea currents swept the small mammal was again and again to the shore. Strng south winds made the rescue even more difficult.

The swimmers informed the president of the hunting association of Eleftheroupolis, the coast guard and the animal welfare society of Ofrini beach.

In the end, they decided to bring the dolphin to the calm waters and give it a chance to rest.

They loaded on a truck.

At the port, they released into calm waters and later it helped it swim in the open sea.

Rescuers, volunteers and men form the coast guard waited for quite some time until they could make sure that the beautiful marine mammal was completely safe.

All the videos were posted by Myrsini Chrysafoudi on FB.

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  1. My deepest respect for this kind of people.

  2. A big thank you! to the rescue people. So nice to see people with big hearts… Dolphins are such lovely and intelligent animals.

  3. Great work! We need more people in the world like this

  4. So lovely to see the beautiful creature returned to the sea, well done to the Greek people involved.