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Greece in the grip of Medea with snow and up to -13° Celsius

Snow weather front called “Medea” has been sweeping across Greece with heavy snowfalls and freezing temperatures. First regions to be affected are the western, central and eastern Macedonia, Central Greece where temperatures plunged to -12.7° Celsius in Kastoria, -12.6°C in Kozani, -10.7°C in Florina.

It has been snowing in the cities of Larisa, Florina, Kozani, Kastoria, Ptolemaida, Veria, Kavala, Katerini and surrounding areas as well as the region of Halkidiki since early Sunday morning.

In Florina, municipal authorities banned trucks weighing over 3.5 tonnes from the Larissa-Kozani and the Larissa – Elassona – Kozani highways.

The Fire Service is involved is rescuing citizens trapped in the snow.

Thessaloniki has so far seen some light snowfall in the city center, while earlier it snowed on the mountains of the prefecture and specifically in Chortiatis and Oreokastro.

Pertouli and Elati in central Greece experience power outages.


Nea Moudania, Halkidiki




Trikala, Litochoro, Arahova, Kavala

Giannitsa with a reminder message: Snow is nice if you’re not homeless, poor unable to buy heating oil or fire wood or stray fourr-legged.”

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Many schools in Covid-19 “yellow” areas will be closed on Monday, February 15, due to weather conditions.

By Sunday noon, Medea expanded to the mainland South in Attica and Athens and the North Cyclades islands.

Traffic at Parnitha Avunue leading to the mountain of the same name in NW Attica was halted Sunday noon.

As Media expands its icy cold grip, snowfalls are forecast as of Sunday evening even in the south suburb of Athens, right by the sea.

Latest Snow forecast

Full weather forecast with Red Alert by the National Meteorological Service here at KTG.

*thumbnail picture by Christos Martzos, via magnisianews.
sources:, Greek media & social media.

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