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Hospitals in Attica reach 95% of capacity, some even 100% as Covid-intubations increase

Intensive Care Units in hospitals in Attica have reached 95% of their capacity on Tuesday morning, with Covid-19 admissions on the rise and a significant increase over the weekend. In seven hospitals capacity has reached even 100%.

  • State broadcaster ERT reported on Tuesday morning, that in three of the biggest hospitals in Athens, Evangelismos, Sotiria and Attikon, capacity has reached 100%.

On Saturday, new admissions in all the hospitals of the country amounted to 319, with 180 in Attica, while on Sunday there were 273 admissions in all the hospitals of the territory, with 152 in Attica.

Tuesday morning, there are reportedly 1,190 patients in simple Covid-19 wards and 272 in ICUs; 250 of them are on ventilator.

  • Only 12 ICU beds for Covid were available in Attica on Monday.

According to the data from the Federation of Hospital Workers POEDIN on Monday evening, no ICU beds were available in five hospitals, while the total number of ICU beds for Covi available in Attica were 12.

On Monday, in the biggest hospital in Athens Evangelismos there was only one bed available out of 45 in total. On Tuesday, there was reportedly none.

Attikon Hospital

In Attikon, another designated hospital, 33 ICU beds for Covid-19 were occupied and additional 10 beds from the general ICU were added. Workers called for the prosecutor’s intervention.

According to an announcement by Attikon employees:

  • More than 1/3 of the beds have been allocated for the treatment of Covid patients.
  • 67 patients were on ranches and stretchers.
  • An entire hospital ward is in isolation due to extensive infection of patients and staff with Covid-19.
  • 33 patients are treated in the 33 beds of Covid ICU, while in the general non-Covid ICU 10 patients in 10 beds.

On Monday, ICU beds from the Heart Infarct Unit of Attikon were converted into Covid-ICU beds, while only 3 remained available for infarct patients.

President of Attikon workers Mihalis Rizos told media on Monday, that there were only a few ICU beds available for non-Covid cases, that there is a “battle for an ICU bed.” The hospital was on emergency duty on Monday with the effect that all ICU beds were occupied on Tuesday morning.

Gov’t plans increase of ICU beds

Health authorities announced on Monday that 406 Covid-19 patients were intubated in ICUs across the country. It is the first time since January 5 that the number of intubated patients exceeded 400.

Hospitalized are those who reportedly contracted the virus 15-20 days ago.

Health authorities on Monday announced that 406 people are being treated in ICUs across the country, the first time since January 5 that the number has exceeded 400.

The Health Ministry said that it plans to convert regular care units and non-Covid intensive care units into specialized Covid ICU units, with the aim of reaching 340 ICU beds for Covid patients in Attica by Friday.

  • The plan foresees that non-Covid ICU beds be converted into Covid beds. Certainly at the expense for non-Covid patients in need of ICU.

However, the beds alone do not serve the issue. The Ministry has also announced to offer online training for ICU treatment to doctors and nurses.

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  1. a couple of months ago werent they saying ‘capacity is close to maxing out’ with around 600 people in these units? what happened to the other 200 units in the mean time?