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Earthquake 6R: Six people rescued from collapsed houses (pcts)

The fire brigades on Wednesday rescued six people trapped in collapsed houses in the village of Mesochori, following a 6 Richter earthquake that shook the Elassona region in central Greece. Among them, was an 83-year-old bed-ridden man, whose wife managed to escape and inform neighbors and authorities.

The man who has also other health issues was transferred to a local hospital.

According to authorities, at least 30 houses were damaged in the vicinity of Mesochori in the municipality of Elassona from the strong quake that struck the area on Wednesday.

Damaged was also at least one school that was closed at the time of the earthquake.

Residents in Mesochori and other areas are still on the streets following advice by seismologists and the Civil Protection and wait for new instructions.

Authorities have urged citizens to stay outside in open areas and not return to their homes for the next hours as a precaution.

A local mayor told state ERT TV, that they are planning to set up tents where residents of four villages will spend the night.

The earthquake hit with 6.R at 12:16 Wednesday noon and was followed by strong aftershocks that could bring to collapse damage houses and buildings.

According to a statement by the local Civil Protection issued 3 hours after the powerful tremor, no serious injuries have been reported.

Earlier state broadcaster ERT reported that a young man was injured when debris fell on his head, while he was walking to the post office when the earthquake occurred.

In panic, a man jumped from the second floor of a house during the earthquake.

Locals speak of a “miracle” that the earthquake occurred in the middle of a sunny day where many were outside and were not sleeping at home.

PS authorities might want to look into schools and bridges that are the first to suffer damages in natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.

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