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Hospitals in Athens on Red Alert, gov’t still wants to see “if circumstantial”

Hospitals in Athens and Attica are on Red Alert due to increase of coronavirus infections and intubated patients wait in normal wards for an ICU bed The Greek government admitted on Wednesday that thε public health care system is “beleaguered by an increase of Covid-patients.” According to Hospital workers’ union there is hardly any ICU bed available in Athens and that 124 intubated patients were treated in normal wards.

One of the biggest hospitals in the Greek capital, Erythros Stavros (Red Cross) has been ordered to evacuate from non-Covid patients and turn into a Covid-only facility, president of Hospital Workers union POEDIN, Michalis Giannakos said on Wednesday. Skai Tv reported that 17 patients have been already transferred to othe rpublic hospitals.

In statements to the press, government spokeswoman Aristotelia Peloni admitted that experts have logged an increase in Covid-19 infections in recent days. She claimed, however, that the increase was circumstantial.

“We await to see if the increase in the positivity [rate] is circumstantial or if there are additional [reasons] to be concerned,” she said as she also expressed confidence that the public health system “will withstand the pressure.”

  • Several media report today that the number of infections is expected to climb to more than 3,000.

Hospitals in Athens and broader Attica are practically out of ICU beds on Wednesday.

The Federation of Workers in public hospitals issued a list of ICU beds occupancy in Athens public hospitals

The situation seems nightmarish and doctors told media of dramatic conditions during emergency duty and that they have intubate patients outside ICUs.

Director of Actino Department at Gennimatas hospital, Spyros Antonopoulos, spoke to Open TV of “unprecedented conditions similar to those of a war.”

Stressing that there is currently neither ICU bed nor normal bed for Covid-patients available, he said that some 8-10 intubated patients are waiting for a bed in ICU.

Pulmunologist at the ICU of the General hospital in Nikaia, Georgia Konstantopoulou told Mega TV that intubated patients waiting for an ICU bed are more than the beds that become available because patients either pass away or are being transferred. She said that doctors are forced to make choices.

On Tuesday night, the general secretary of Public Hospital Doctors, Panagiotis Papanikolaou, neurosurgeon also at Nikaia Hospital posted on social media that there were officially 124 intubated patients in Attica waiting for an ICU bed.

A few days ago, a report by private Mega TV showed patients intubated with portable ventilators outside ICU at Nikaia hospital.

PS the situation is out of control and the gov’t that was doing nothing to very little in the last few months to strengthen the health system will still have to find out whether it’s “circumstantial”… Not to mention the non-Covid patients in need of ICU.

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