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Parliament voted to set up Committee to investigate ex SYRIZA minister over TV licenses

The Greek Parliament plenary voted in favor of setting up a preliminary committee to investigate the role of former SYRIZA minister Nikos Pappas on granting television channel licenses in 2015 and 2016.

The proposal was initiated by 30 MPs of the ruling New Democracy party, passed with 187 votes from ND, KINAL and Greek Solution. Two MPs voted against the “party line” though with one of them being from ND. Against the proposal voted 85 SYRIZA MPs, while KKE voted “present”. MeRA25 lawyers did not participated in the vote and so did the head of Greek Solution.

According to the proposal of ND MPs, the Special Parliamentary Committee will conduct a preliminary examination (on the “Criminal Liability of Ministers”) on the investigation of crimes committed by the former Minister of State from 23-09-2015 to 05- 11-2016 and then Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information until 09-07-2019, Nikos Pappas in the exercise of his duties: 1) Bribery of a political official in a row and continuously and 2 ) Serial and continuous breach of duty.

The case refers to an alleged money exchange between the ex minister and one businessmen to set up a TV station in favor of the then ruling party.

SYRIZa was the first government to initiate that owners of private TV stations that broadcast nationwide pay for the frequencies they use.

The Parliamentary Committee has tow months two months to complete its work and submit its conclusion to the Plenary.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, the 300 lawmakers voted in groups of 50 every half hour. It was a secret ballot, either in person or via a letter.

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