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Self-tests in Greece available at pharmacies from April 7

Delivery of Covid-19 self-tests to 11,000 pharmacies across Greece are scheduled to start tomorrow, Tuesday,and the plan is have them fully stocked at pharmacies by next Friday, April 9. The self-tests are distributed free of charge to the public.

Priority will be given to school pupils aged 16-18 years old and teachers, followed by all adults aged 18 to 67 years old and lastly those above 67.

Each individual is entitled to one free self test a week and up to four a month for two months, upon display of their AMKA number and ID.

Tests for minors must be obtained by their parents or legal guardians.

The self-tests are easier than the rapid tests, and a sample from the nose or saliva will be taken. Results are out within a few minutes. Full instructions in Greek will be available, authorities have said.

A tender for the supply of 10 million self tests was held the previous week, with the first batch imported last Friday and the next batch expected within the week.

During the first week of distribution, self-tests will be given only to high-school students and teachers.

The pharmacies will be linked directly to the IDIKA platform and cross-checking with AMKA numbers will prevent people obtaining multiple tests from different pharmacies.

It will also help in restocking quantities in pharmacies as they run out, while the supply chain will be supervised by the armed forces and civil protection agency.

According to some reports, the self-tests will be available at pharmacies in Athens and Thessaloniki from Wednesday, April 7.

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  1. What if you don’t have an AMKA?

  2. Good initiative but it doesn’t work ! Been to the farmacy many time but no tests available for 60+ 🙁
    You don’t look sick was the answer and the tests are only for workers and not available to the public.
    You can buy them was the reply when i showed them the article.