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Ferries traveling with vaccination certificates, self- & rapid-tests, says Shipping Minister

“Τhe green digital vaccination certificate, the rapid tests and self tests will be used for voyages with ferries,” Greece’s Shipping and Islands Police Minister Giannis Plakiotakis said on Tuesday.

He said that ferries with cabins will start with 55% occupancy and 50% ferries without cabins.

Health protocols will be reviewed and updated according to the course of the epidemiological data, he added..

“We hope that through the reform of the health protocol and the progress of the vaccinations, to have an immunity wall in the summer in order to be able to experience some normalcy”, he stressed.

However, he did not reveal when ferry and ships travels for non-essential reasons only will be possible again or how the vaccination pass, the self-tests and the rapid-tests system will work.

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  1. this madness will stop when we all go on a general strike and really shut it all down until every last one of their ‘measures’ is completely repealed, and every memeber of government is in prison.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      oh dear…

    • Yes, great, thank you – that will be a big help…

    • I think most of us would prefer to travel in relative safety knowing that other passengers have tested negative.
      Makes you wonder if rapid testing could be used to open tavernas. I know nobody wants to have to test all the time, but I’d be willing to do it if it meant I could sit down to a nice meal with my family and have a normal evening.

      • Really? So you are happy to live in some form of a 1984 society.? Read past the fear mongering media and be afraid of where they are leading us. Not to freedom.

  2. So my comment was unacceptable. I thought it was most polite. So where is it?