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Greece accelerates vaccination program with age groups 55-59 and 50-54

Greece’s online platform for vaccination appointments opened for citizens aged 55-59 on Wednesday morning. The platform will open for the age group 50-54 on upcoming Saturday, April 24.

The online platform is:

Citizens above 60, citizens with underlying diseases of high (group A) and increased (group B) risk and people working in the health sector were being vaccinated at this time.

The procedures are being accelerated and if the deadlines for the delivery of the vaccines are met by the companies, the platforms will be soon open for age groups under 50 years old. The government had recently hinted that vaccination of those at their 40’s would start in June.

Pfizer is expected to deliver 2,150,000 doses in May and 2,425,000 in June. Moderna is expected to deliver 354,000 in May and 308,000 in June.

Johnson & Johnson will deliver 33,600 doses and 300,000 doses are expected in May and 960,000 doses in June. AstraZeneca has not yet confirmed deliveries for the next two months. Greece expects about 450,000-500,000 for each month.

Greece has reportedly halted vaccinations with Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The National Vaccination Committee is reportedly awaiting for the conclusion of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to make its decisions. On Tuesday, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) concluded that a warning about “rare blood clots” as side effect should be included in the J&J vaccines.

A total of 2,600,998 vaccinations have been carried out until April 20, 2021.

1,826,628 people have received the first dose and 774,370 people (some 7.5% of the population) have received both doses.

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  1. Still nothing for residents without AMKA! Despite false promises from the Greek government, No One I know has gotten a temporary AMKA. I’m an EU citizen, resident in Kefalonia, age 55 and yet I am barred from registering for a vaccine. I would happily pay if Greece perhaps feels I’m not ‘entitled’ to this for free.
    I should have been able to register today – instead the ‘pretend’ registration for temporary AMKA numbers is now well over thirteen thousand and growing. Two weeks ago the registration list was just over one thousand.
    Surely this means Greece is only adding names!
    When, if ever, will Greece get around to doing anything with this list??

    Shame on Greece. And anyone thinking about moving here might think twice if this is how we are treated during a crisis.

  2. Now if only the process to get a temporary AMKA would work…

    Tried to register for one on the website over a week ago. My registration got submitted after some hassles, but no reply at all.

    Funny detail: If you select Passport instead of ID-card as identification you are told to get an AMKA from the local KEP. Unfortunately the KEP has no idea how and told me the process is still in negotiation with the authorities.

  3. The temporary AMKA situation is becoming a national embarrassment with the Guardian newspaper in the UK having extensive coverage to the failure to vaccinate people qualified by age because the Amka system doesn’t work

  4. Myself like a lot of other people am waiting for the elusive AMKA number, I wouldn’t get too excited about the 55 to 59 years age group getting invited for vaccine appointments. I was speaking to a 71 year old Greek friend of mine this morning. He still has not been contacted with an vaccine appointment for his first vaccine.
    Supply and demand I guess, supply and demand.
    As Ned Kelly said just before they hung him………..such is life!

  5. There was an article in the Guardian the other day about this debacle. It is to be expected though, we are in Greece after all.

  6. I have been trying all day to get an appointment but the system doesn’t seem to be able to cope with the number of people trying to book appointments today. Even though it said there were appointments available, the system wouldn’t allow me to book the second dose, which you have to book at the same time. I have an AMKA number and it works fine until you try to book a second dose. God knows what’s going to happen when they allow the next age group to access it!

    • I just booked both doses for May and June – with absolutely no problems. The system gave me a plethora of choices. … so maybe the issue is intermittent?

  7. There are foreign nationals who live in my village who even though they live here 12months of the year still keep up their residency in their home country for tax purposes and to access health care in that country. They,ve both managed to aquire permanent AMKA numbers and the books that go with it. they tell me they have their appointments for the vaccine. While I try and do everything legally I,m still banging my head against the wall. Just for once they are,nt Brits either.

  8. To add to the “AMKA” for foreigners without one discussion: I submitted the online request for one some time back (the day after KTG first reported about it 🙂 ) I did not get any type of confirmation of reciept/further info. TODAY, I went back to the site thinking, “I*m going to try this again.) And well lo and behold, it was a much different form! No problem with the passport as ID someone mentioned above. It kept refusing to be sent, though, because you must enter your municipality name in Greek letters. (Use an online translation for it if you don’t have GR on your device.) After that, it went through, and I even got a confirmation with an application number and the message “After the identification of the data, you will be informed about the progress of your application for the return of the temporary A.M.K.A we will contact you.” So I guess the waiting goes on…