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Greece lifts some lockdown restrictions but sms remains in force

Greece has lifted some lockdown restrictions in view of the Easter holidays, however, the obligation to send sms to leave home remains in force. Head of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced on Wednesday evening that the sms to <13033> will remain in force until May 15, when the ban on inter-regional movement will be lifted. He also announced that the inter-municipality movement is allowed from tomorrow, Thursday, April 29, 2021.

He listed the listed the measures in force over the Easter days and until May 15 as well as lifting of some restricitons.

Inter-municipality movement allowed, however, within the boundaries of the regional unit of the residence. According to some media like Alpha TV, there is no time limit for moving to other municipality, probably due to the family gatherings on Easter Sunday.

Holy Week religious services

Social distancing in- and outside the churches

Double mask in-and outside the churches

Self-tests obligatory for priests and chanters.

Recommendation of self-tests for believers.

Good Friday: Procession of Epitaphios only in the church courtyard without believers. Epitaphios will be set outside the church, so that believers can visit during the day.

Easter Sunday gatherings

On Easter Sunday – only ! – there is the possibility of gathering of two families up to 9 people indoors, and up to 12 people if they gather outdoors.

Visit of another family with sms <6> for “personal exercise.”

Self-tests are recommended before the family gathering.

Curfew. SMS & Inter-municipality movement

Until Easter Sunday, May 2, the curfew is from 10 pm to 5 am.

From Easter Monday, May 3, and for one week, the curfew is 11 pm. to 5 am.

“Restaurants and cafes will close no later than 10.45 pm and we all should be in our homes at 11 o’ clock,” Hardalias stressed.

The obligation to leave home with sms remains in force until the lifting of the ban on travel between different regional units.

SMS <6> will be used also for moving to a restaurant or cafe. They open again on Many 3.

A day earlier, the Digital Governance Minister and the government spokesperson had said that the sms would be scrapped on May 3, and no sms  would be required for dinning out customers. But restrictions can not be for only a part of the society. Apparently, the health experts who met earlier today decided otherwise.

Movement between different municipalities but within the boundaries of the residence’s regional unit is allowed from April 29, and throughout the week.

No music

From May 3, all restaurants and coffee shops are allowed to use outdoor areas, under the set hygiene conditions and only for the seated customers. More announcements on restaurant & cafes are due on Paril 29,

No music will be allowed in these facilities during the whole day and the operation hours.

Note that the remaining restrictions like for shopping with click-away & click-inside, mandatory use of masks etc remain in force.

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  1. no music?? and why exactly?

    • Can’t have too much excitement.

    • I said the same thing … at first … but … if you think about it, when there is music you must speak louder to be heard, which cause the particulates from you to go into the general area …also, louder music encourages dancing, which as you know can violate the social distancing advice … I so miss hearing music played out on the economy!