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First Frappe on Easter Monday to officially launch Greek summer

The long Greek Easter weekend was extended to Tuesday because the Labor Day on May 1 was moved to today. May Day is a strike day with shops and even supermarkets closed and this was impossible on Easter Saturday. Media are also on strike and in this sense the flow of news was very thin to zero.

What should we have reported about anyway? About Greeks crowding in churches over Good Friday and Easter Saturday? The preparations for the rich Easter lunch or all those who left the big cities for the countryside although there were some or better say half-restrictions?

Reporting about the lockdown for almost a year, such issues have turned ultimately… dull, to say it politely. In fact, I’m literally fed up reporting of death and fear.

Who wants to read the Easter messages by politicians? Not me.

So, the dilemma was: report or not report? The answer developed clearly with the days: enjoy a few days off, relax in the warm, sunny May weather, meet the very few people from my social bubble, take thorough, proper care of the old and new plants.

Even if I got my first jab last week, I still don’t take the risk to intermingle with people I haven’t seen for months or are not vaccinated.

I didn’t even go to a cafe or a restaurant since they opened again on Monday after 6 months.

Coffee at the park bench… hard to get rid of lockdown-habits.

Even harder to get rid of the “institutionalization” syndrome as Greece will open everything on May 15, scrap the sms and allow regional movement.

But we will keep the masks on, even though many wear it on their kin since the curfew was shortened (Holy Week and even shorter since yesterday Monday) and the reopening of food/cafe service was interpreted by many as: the pandemic is over.

No matter what the future will be: the first frappe was shaken on Monday officially launching the Greek summer.

In the same token, shorts and flip flops came out of the closet…

All we can hope for is fewer infections and deaths, and a long, quite summer.

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  1. KTG, we are all fed up with this damned virus and its effects! I admire you for your continued reports during this past horrible year! And I thank you for doing so, its been unvaluable from abroad. Now, I hope to come back to beautiful Greece in August, God willingly….
    I hope you will take a long vacation this summer to really have some rest! You must need it!

  2. Wise to be cautious, KTG. Vaccination WILL take over the protection roll that movement restrictions are currently providing, if enough people accept it, BUT it isn’t there yet.