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Minister doesn’t rule out sms for Greeks but not for tourists after May 15

A government minister did not rule out that Greeks will keep needing to send sms to leave their homes but not the tourists after May 15, when the country will officially open its gates to international holidaymakers.

Speaking to ANT1 TV, Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis lef topen the possibility that tourists will go out sms-free but not the locals.

he said that “sms to 13033 will be in force until May 15, when tourism opens. It has not been decided yet what will happen after May 15.

To the journalist’s question whether “we will send a message to go to a restaurant when it will not be needed for tourists,” the Minister responded “we will see this after May 15.”

Addressing those criticizing such a possibility, Georgiadis said “Don’t they [critics] want us to have tourists in Greece?” and described them as “populists.”

He claimed that the tourists who will come to Greece will be vaccinated -something which is not true as Greece will also allowed non-vaccinated holiday-makers provided they have a negative PCR test.

Georgiadis is not the only ruling party member in the conservative, neo-liberal Greek government who believes that those who bring money must have more privileges than the locals who in fact also pay their salaries to listen to such cynical and immoral crap.

Two week ago, New Democracy MP, Sofia Voultepsi, said that Greek must do sacrifices because it is the tourists who bring the money.

“The tourist is not just a simple tourist. The tourist is he who brings money to the country. Therefore, we will always do some sacrifice. We don;t do it for ourselves. We do it because the tourist who will come will spend money,” Voultepsi said.

PS If these statements by ruling scroungers are not an insult for both the Greeks AND the tourists, I wouldn’t know what they would be

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  1. You couldn’t make it up. Lol

  2. if i was a potential tourist i would consider going anywhere _but_ greece. as a citizen i’m waiting on a visa application to emigrate (no real point going elsewhere in the EU, either). they are determined to make sure there is no future for greek citizens? maybe 20 years from now i will come back on a foriegn passport to tell folks ‘i told you so’. isnt that a saddening thought?

  3. This is the most insulting thing from a minister to citizens/residents of a country I have ever read!

    It’s not going to happen because people here will just not do it

    And another thing don’t the taxes paid by all workers and businesses pay his wages and their spending keeps the economy going in the winter when there are no tourists!

    Mitsotakis needs to have a word with him and remind him it’s not the tourists who vote for him and the party!

  4. At the end of the day, you get what you vote for, most people I know seem to be pleased with what’s going on.

    The main reason for this thinking IMHO, is that Greek’s think this govt is less worse than any other. Not a great mentality, but it is what it is.

  5. this is not about a virus, this is discrimination…and modern slavery…we will have to stand up for our rights and freedom before it is too late…

  6. What is the purpose of sending the SMS or filling out the form, if there are no police that check? Where were the police on Easter Sunday with large family gatherings? Greece opens for tourists and we who live here have to continue to send SMS? What about those of us who are fully vaccinated? Greek government really need to take a look at this and remove the silly SMS.

  7. Pauline Slater

    It’s definitely not right that the Greek government are saying that the tourist will have freedom and the Greek people wouldn’t, why should they have to send a text message to leave their homes anyway they are NOT prisoners! the Greek people should demand to be treated with the respect they deserve because they are the ones that voted for them. If the government are not doing what they are paid to do then the Greek people should demand that they resign. I am hoping to holiday in Kos town in September, yes I have had both vaccinations but I don’t think I should be allowed to have more privileges than my Greek friends whom I have got to know from visiting them for 12yrs, it wouldn’t be much of a holiday if I can’t see any of them because they have to stay at home, I look forward to seeing them again each year.

  8. Bit odd to tell your citizens that pay your wages that they are not important.

  9. it is a joke rule for one not the other tourist still come into greece with covid now so when tourists there will be more

  10. joanna egleton

    Words fail me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Adonis Georgiadis, you’ve just shot yourself in the foot. Do you really believe that those of us who have had to put up with total lockdown since last November are going to wear this discriminatory suggestion? Think again. We all know that the SMS/travel permission just doesn’t work. If it did, the virus would have been better contained by now. It’s just a bit of bureaucratic nonsense. We have all been patiently waiting for some easing but that patience is now very thin.