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3,000 pupils and teachers tested positive with Covid-19 self-tests

Almost 3,000 pupils and teachers were tested positive in Covid-19 self-tests ahead of the schools reopening on Monday morning, SKAI TV reported.

Covid-19 testing kits were distributed free of charge by pharmacies across the country to pupils and teachers in the last days. They had to register the test results in the government’s database platform testing. 24 hours before going to school.

Those positive in self-tests are obliged to confirm the result with a rapid and/or a molecular PCR test and stay away from school.

It is estimated that the total population of primary – secondary education amounts to 1.7 million people, while half of the population has registered on the platform.

Pupils and teachers have to undergo a self-test twice a week.

After almost 7 months of distance learning, high school, elementary and kindergarten students returned to in-presence classes.

Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Monday morning that the next school year will find students “inoculated.”

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  1. Savvas Andreas

    So if Greece wants to boast about it’s self testing programme, I look forward to them publishing how many of these 3,000 are positive in the subsequent PCR test………

  2. 1900 new cases today, let’s just speak hypothetically for a minute.
    If 2000 of the children are tested positive on the PCR test, and tomorrow’s figure is around 1900 again, there will be a figure somewhere around 3500.
    However if they are all tested positive, then there will be a figure around 4500,…,hypothetically.
    That will not bode well for any of us.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      not even. self-tests results (hypotherically: false positive) must be confirmed per PCR/Rapid.