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Supermarkets, retail shops may open on two Sundays, May 16th and 23rd

Supermarkets and retail shops may open on the two Sundays in May, on 16th and 23rd, if they wish to do so, according to a joint ministerial decision issued on Friday.

The stores referred to in the decision include mini markets, butchers, fishmongers, pharmacies, dry cleaning stores, pet shops and tobacco and vape shops. Their schedule, should they decide to open, must fall between 07:00 and 22:30. An exception is made for couriers, who can go to 01:00, and pharmacies and gas stations under special hours.

In addition, retail stores including those in malls and discount villages, personal care services and hair dressers, they also may remain open on the two Sundays, on a schedule between 07:00 and 21:00.


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  1. Thank you KTG for constant updates on restrictions and news. Great job!
    I’m wondering today, what is now allowed for Church services?

  2. Is visiting friends’ houses allowed and if so how many people can I invite to my house?

    I cannot find this information in any of the restrictions.

    Thank you!