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Greek Govt’ says it has “a strict mechanism of epidemiological surveillance”

“State controls play an absolute critical role in the ongoing battle against the pandemic, Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Akis Skertsos said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Real FM, SKertsos said “we have a strict mechanism of epidemiological surveillance in place and we will have it for a long time, several more months.”

This will measure four indicators, he added:
– Covid-19 cases
– Positivity rates, on a country-wide and on a regional level
– The burden on the health system
– Vaccination rates, on a country-wide and regional level.

“These four indicators will show where we need to have emergency interventions, not with lockdown measures but interventions that will stamp out possible outbreaks of the virus,” he added.

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  1. control! control! control!
    have we been taken over by daleks?

    • No. We have been taken over by a virus that spreads rapidly and kills people at an incredible rate if no attempts to control it are taken. Daleks are just characters in a TV show created for dramatic effect – similar to how conspiracy theories are created to add drama to bored peoples lives.

  2. Savvas Andreas

    Fantastic news! Can I have the positivity rates for Kefalonia please.

  3. I think lockdown measures will have to be put in place in areas where the number of cases is high, such as Athens, Attica, Ioannia, etc, etc. The Epirus region is completely green so hopefully they will escape any lockdown measures!