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Mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 for EMAK disaster units

All members of Greece’s Special Units for Disaster Management (EMAK) must be vaccinated against Covid-19 by June 11 or move to other units of the Fire Brigades, the Service leadership has decided.

According to an order issued on Tuesday by the Fire Department, firefighters on the emergency units are free to choose not to become vaccinated, but in this case they will be transferred to other services.

The order said the decision was part of the need to restrict the coronavirus pandemic, particularly because of the special circumstances of EMAK’s operation, and in view of the fact personnel may be called abroad at any given time to help in disaster zones around the world  as the service is part of a European Civil Defense Mechanism.

Members of EMAK get vaccinated against infectious diseases to be able to carry out their duties.

The transfer of those who do not wish to be vaccinated to other services is not a new procedure, Service officials told media.

It is the first order for the mandatory vaccination of a specific state sector in Greece.

Not even for health workers such an order was issued. For example, doctors are reportedly vaccinated against Covid-19 at 85% and nurses at 65%.

Government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni said on Wednesday that “an order for the mandatory vaccination” could follow also for other public sectors workers such as health personnel. However, such a debate could take place in autumn as health workers are currently preoccupied with the pandemic.

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