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Greece grants DIOR permission for photo shoots, fashion show on Acropolis, major archaeological sites

Τhe Central Archaeological Council (CAC) unanimously granted permission to Fashion house DIOR for photo shooting and filming at major archaeological sites such as the Acropolis, the Herodes Atticus Odeon, the Ancient Roman market, the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio and the Temple of Zeus in Nemea.

Only photo shoots are allowed on the Acropolis hill – specifically in front of the Parthenon and the Erechthion – reminiscent of the historic DIOR photo shoot in 1951, the CAS said adding that it has set very strict conditions regarding the film shoots at the archaeological sites.

In its reasoning to grant permission, CAS reportedly stated that the photo shoot on the Acropolis “will show the restoration progress and the changes that have taken place in the monument from the 1950’s until today and the images will travel around the world.”

DIOR in front of Parthenon 1951

Tourists in front of Parthenon 2021

On Thursday, the Central Council of Modern Monuments will discuss DIOR’s request to use the Panathinakon Stadium (Kallimarmaro) for a fashion show for is “Cruise 2022” collection. the DIOR runway will be broadcast live.

“Dior celebrates Greece”

According to the Greek Tourism Ministry, DIOR submitted its requests in a dossier with the title “Dior celebrates Greece” in which it states that events in Greece are dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the War of Independence in 1821.

The Ministry decided that the Dior events will have in very important impact for Greece as tourism destination especially for the markets from Europe, USA and Asia.

“The creations presented in Greece will be prepared with Greek fabrics and raw materials, by Greek craftsmen and creators , with the aim of promoting the Greek tradition and at the same time the talent and know-how of the Greeks in this field,” the tourism ministry reportedly said.

According to the dossier submitted, the main event for the presentation of the special collection is proposed to take place at the Panathenaic Kallimarmaro Stadium, on June 17, with a live television broadcast internationally.

“The international presentation from major media, will contribute to the promotion of Greece abroad and the strengthening of tourism,” the ministry stressed.

Given this statement, the fashion show in the 6th-century-bc Panathenaic Stadium, where many concerts take place each year should be considered as granted, too.

One of CAC’s conditions was that filming should not be shot inside ancient temples.


Τhe usual mean Greeks pour poison noting on social media “now the cementification of the Acropolis makes finally sense.”

Tones of concrete were poured on the ancient rocks last autumn under the pretext of creating safe passage for wheelchairs. Apart from criticism regarding the alternation of the ancient temples, sharp was also the criticism for graves mistakes and sloppy construction works. The first accident with a wheelchair reportedly took place a month ago.

Critics imply that it was the wife of the prime minister who offered the deal to DIOR, when she met a delegation in Kalamata, south Peloponnese last December, thus violating the lockdown ban to travel to different regional units.

In counter-attack to criticism, some government supporting media and internet users adopt the CAS reasoning and the official narrative that “DIOR will make huge advertisement for Acropolis worldwide.”

As if the Parthenon needs Dior, Guor ,Sushor and not vice versa.

We just hope that the Culture Minister will fix the holes on the fresh concrete by June 14 when the photo shoot takes place otherwise models on high heels are also at high risk of ankle twists and hip sprains.

PS Don’t get critics wrong. They are just allergic to red herring fallacy. Many question also if Dior is in June, who’s turn is in July and the months to follow?

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