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Bill on diaspora Greeks’ vote rejected in Parliament

The bill on the vote of diaspora Greeks in national elections was defeated in Parliament late on Wednesday, as it did not manage to collect the required number of votes in a plenary session.

Officially titled “Lifting of restrictions for the registration of voters abroad on special voting lists,” the bill required the support of 200 deputies out of the total 300.

Last month, ruling New Democracy had removed eligibility criteria from the bill such as 2-year residence in Greece during the last 35 years and the obligation to file a tax return during the current or previous year of the voting.

The criteria were initially added to the bill tabled to Parliament end of 2019, following pressure by SYRIZA that wanted to hinder diaspora Greeks of third or fourth generation from voting and have a saying in the government of a country they may have never visited and are not aware of its problems and realities.

Of the 213 lawmakers present, the bill was supported by 190 deputies from ruling New Democracy, Movement for Change/KINAL and Greek Solution and rejected by 23 MPs from main opposition SYRIZA, Communist Party of Greece and MeRA25.

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