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Greece’s ferry, ship passengers must fill Health Declaration Form UPD

Ferry and ship passengers must fill in a health declaration form regardless of whether they have a Covid-19 vaccination certificate, a negative rapid or a negative PCR test result, Greece’s Shipping Minister announced on Wednesday.

Speaking to state broadcaster ERT TV, Shipping Minister Yiannis Plakiotakis said the measure will ensure a smoother and faster boarding process.

He said that whoever passenger wishes he can fill in the form beyond the printed form also in digital one.

The Health Declaration Form is available on the website of the Shipping Ministry in Greek only (of, course.) Passengers must fill in the form online and print it (because everyone has a printer at home.)


The only Form at the Shipping Ministry in English is the one below. It could be the same as from last year.

Here is a Health Declaration/Questionnaire Form in English

Next to personal data including phone number, shipping company, vessel name and seat/cabin number, the passenger must also answer 10 questions regarding his state of health, possible contacts with Covid-19 cases etc.

The form is to be filled by passengers over 18 years old who will also fill in information for accompanied minors below 18.

The document must be displayed before boarding.

Minister Plakiotakis reiterated that all passengers traveling to/from Greek islands must have a Vaccination Certificate or a negative PCR test (72 hours before boarding) or a negative Rapid test or a negative Self-Test ( Rapid and Self-Test on previous day or on travel day.)

The minister added that passenger capacity currently stands at 85 percent for ferries with sleeper cabins and at 80 percent for non-cabin ferries.

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    The health decleration form is only in Hellas language. Where can we find it in English, please ? Thank you.

  2. Savvas Andreas

    Any danger of any enforcement body enforcing this?

  3. Absolute bloody nonsense the form only being in Greek. I have had both my Pfzier vaccinations and have a printed copy confirming this. If they will not accept this on a ferry then they do not deserve passengers so their revenue will decrease!!!

  4. If you continue scrolling down you will see a line re: Health Declaration Form is in English. Hope this helps.

  5. So what is the point of having the vaccination then? I thought the vaccination certificate was meant to make travelling easier — or am I missing something here? Don’t the powers that be realise that (a) not everyone has a computer (b) not everyone has a printer (c) not everyone has a mobile phone (I DON’T) -(d) not everyone is as fluent as they would like to be in the Greek language —– nothing is easy in this country — you have to go to half a dozen different offices to get just one document —– what is wrong with this world ????????????????

    • keeptalkinggreece

      as vaccines doe snot provide 100% immunity and even vaccinate people can spread virus, I assume the purpose of the Form is track & tracing