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Greece expressed dissatisfaction to Germany over its exclusion from Libya Conference

Greece has expressed its strong dissatisfaction that Germany excluded Athens form the Berlin Conference on Libya.

“We are extremely dissatisfied with the fact that Germany, insisting on a tactic, did not invite us to the Berlin Conference this time as well”, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said on Thursday.

He underlined that he has expressed Greece’s dissatisfaction to his German counterpart, the Prime Minister will do the same. , while he will soon meet with the EU special envoy for Libya Jan Koubis to convey the same.

It should be recalled that Turkey has been invited to the Libya Conference.

Dendias reiterated that what the transitional government should be thinking about is the non-activation of the Turkish-Libyan memorandum on the maritime zones which is “legally non-existent” anyway.

He stressed that the need for the immediate withdrawal of foreign troops and mercenaries from Libya.

The Foreign Minister pointed out that Greece’s relationship with the situation in Libya is “very different from what it was a few months ago. “Greece has a direct dialogue and communication with the Libyan side”, he said characteristically.

Speaking at the 9th Regional Growth Conference in Patras, Dendias stressed also that “tThere is absolutely no chance that Greece will stray from its fixed national positions towards Turkey.”

source: amna, hellasjournal

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  1. Theodore Crass

    Google “West German Justice Ministry dominated by former Nazis until the 1970s, study says” to see how this had come as a surprise even to historians. Now tell me you believe in financial miracles by these trade cheats when a miracle by definition is impossible. What’s a miracle is being the whip master of a Europe it tried to destroy twice while friends with the most democratic nation it punished senselessly in pursuit of its relentless interests whether they cost lives by pollution or any pother means.

    Perhaps they hid finances after the war to ill justify their own debt forgiveness that they won’t reciprocate given who dominated their government for so many decades. In which case, the allies stupidity was an enabler… as usual.

  2. well, that is after all what it means to be a junior partner.

  3. Germany needs to be removed from the EU as greatly as Turkey neds to be removed from NATO.

    There are no half measures to deal with these historic peers in crime. The fair and law abiding kindred can not aford to be fatally fooled yet again to buy their luxury cars or goods when sanctions and military operations are well over due let alone in order.

    Even America’s beru democracy was threatened after bailing banks than people led to a populism that witnessed the rise of a perverted and lying president that chated and lied to the end. He even advocated rebellion that resulted in deaths for personal gain when he couldn’t even articlate let alone do the job.

    Hopefully the next US president will have the teeth to address Germany and Turkey exponentioally better and be less fixated with NATO and Russia to the such positive or negative extremes depending on who is in power if the US is to be a leader of stability and reliability. Some things never change, Turkey and Germany are no exception.