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Easing of more lockdown restrictions possible at the end of next week

Greece plans the easing of more lockdown restrictions but apparently the epidemiologists’ committee has not decided yet to give the green light for the lifting of the night curfew, the ban of music and to increase the number of people in events like weddings.

“I believe that by the end of next week we can expect some announcements and I say this because I am aware that there is great interest with respect to the night-time curfew,” government spokeswoman Aristotelia Peloni told Skai FM on Friday.

Peloni said that there was a good downward course for Covid-19 but also noted that the virus was still here and that everyone must be cautious.

On a decision by the United Kingdom to not move Greece to its green list of travel destinations, which are not required to observe a quarantine, Peloni said that that this was the same for all European countries that are tourist destinations.

“The UK is following a tough line. We respect the decision; however, in a period when the European COVID Certificate is being implemented, I believe that it is out of step with the overall climate,” Peloni said.

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