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Shock on Corfu: Local man kills French couple, commits suicide

Shock on the island of Corfu: a local man shot dead a French couple and later took his own life with the same weapon. The husband died on the spot, his wife was transferred seriously injured to the hospital but doctors could not save her.

The incident took place around 11:30 Sunday morning in Dassia area near a big hotel unit.

When the shots fell, neighbors informed the police that rushed to the spot.

The French couple had been living on the island in the last couple of years. Perpetrator and victims were neighbors.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the perpetrator used a hunting rifle and after he shot the couple he rushed to his home to hide. Short time later and while police had surrounded the property, he committed suicide.

Media report that perpetrator and middle-aged victims had property disputes.

According to latest information by stratmediacorfu, the woman was owner of the house she was renting to the 55-year-old perpetrator he owed rent over several months. It is not clear why the husband was shot down, the news website noted.

It should be noted that this was the fourth shooting in the last four consecutive days in a country where weapon possession is illegal.

On Thursday, a man sgunned down his ex wife in Agia Varvara, Athens and on Friday a brother shot his brother in Kifisia, also in Athens. On Saturday, a man in the mountainous Nafpaktia shot and injured his neighbor believing he had killed his cat a week earlier.

other sources on the crime on Corfu: corfunews, kerkyrasimera,

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  1. “It should be noted that this was the fourth shooting in the last four consecutive days in a country where weapon possession is illegal.”

    Where does this statement come from. I live on Crete and I don’t know a single Cretan who does not have a weapon of some sort. Every event is celebrated by gunfire.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      yet it is illegal. only for hunting purposes with license. On Crete it is ‘tolerated’ by the authorities, yet it is illegal.

      • @keeptalking. You have great site and in most cases lots of good insights.

        BUT you made a pretty big error in in the article saying weapon possession is illegal, and then when corrected by a reader, you doubled down in your comment and made even more mistakes.

        Fact: there are about two million guns in Greece, and according to the Greek interior ministry about one MILLION in Greece are legally owned.
        Fact: over 17% of individuals, meaning about 34% of households have firearms in Greece
        Fact: you do NOT need to hunt at all to own a gun in greece
        Fact: handguns are very difficult to qualify for, shotguns and rifles are easy to qualify for.

        My 19 year old nephew just got a shotgun legally in his hometown in Thrace. he doesn’t hunt at all he sport shoots (and you don’t need to belong to a sport shooting club to own a rifle or shotgun, you do need to belong to an accredited club to own a pistol).

        We keep a shotgun at our summer place in the Cyclades. It is VERY common to do so. We dont hunt at all. It is for home defense because our villa is an hour from any police. You do not need any paperwork to buy and keep up to 500 rounds of ammo for your shotgun. Also lots of people have marine shotguns on their yachts, and believe me that is not for hunting.

        Greece is consistently rated as having more guns per capita and less gun control than the EU average.
        BTW some o the countries with the highest number of guns per person in the UE have some of the lowest murder rates (norway, sweden).

  2. Could it be ppl are sick of the lock downs, Man owed rent and could not pay because of these bs rules?