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Greece’s two-tier entertainment model for vaccinated & non-vaccinated people (POLL)

Greece has announced a two-tier system for inoculated and Covid-recovered citizens and not vaccinated citizens in the sectors of entertainment, dining and recreation on Tuesday. The separation measures come amid strong reactions by owners of restaurants in first place.

According to the new measures restaurants, cinemas and theaters, for example, that opt for the ‘immune-only’ model will be allowed to increase capacity to 85%, while so-called ‘mixed areas’ are restricted to operate with  50% of their capacity.

In a press conference State Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis and the Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiadis, stated that the new framework follows recommendations by the National Bioethics Committee and in collaboration with the Infectious Diseases Committee.

Therefore, two modes of operation of open and closed enterprises are introduced:

A. Covid-Free Spaces
Meeting places accessible to those who have acquired immunity, ie have been vaccinated with two doses of vaccine or with a single-dose vaccine, and 14 days have passed after their final vaccination, or have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the last six (6) months.

B. Mixed spaces
Meeting places accessible to those who have acquired immunity as in “mixed spaces- plus to those tested negative to Covid-19 with molecular PCR or Rapid test in the last 48 hours.

Meeting places can declare if they will operate with A or B option from July 15 on a special electronic platform and have a special sign at their entrance.

Meeting places are divided into four categories:

A. Closed spaces other than entertainment centers (cinemas, theaters, restaurants, cafes).

B. Outdoor entertainment venues for non-pitched seating (live shows and spectacles).

C. Outdoor and indoor entertainment centers (music centers, clubs).

D. Open and closed sports facilities.

A. Indoor areas other than entertainment venues (cinemas, theaters, restaurants, cafes)

From July 1st for cinemas, from July 15th for the rest

Spaces that have been declared as A category operate with a maximum coverage of  85% of their capacity – without the use of face masks.

Spaces that have been declared as B category operate with a maximum coverage of 50% of their capacity, mandatory use of facemask and negative Rapid test result in the last 48 hours. Minors need a negative self-test result declared by their parents.

Theaters and cinemas with mandatory use of mask regardless of category.

B. Outdoor recreation areas other than stadiums (live shows and auditions)

State Minister Gerapetritis said that the measures have three goals:

  1. to serve the big project of vaccination
  2. to create a comprehensive network of public health protection in places where there is high crowding
  3. to gradually restore the freedom for those who have been vaccinated.

He  that personal data and rights of citizens will be fully respected. The need to build immunity and regain our freedoms is insurmountable, he concluded.


Already the first negative reactions came from the restaurant sector, with one of Greece’s top chefs to express strong objection

“My job is not to control customers,” Lefteris Lazarou told media and stressed “it’s not possible that restaurant and cafe owners ask for vaccination certificates from their customers.”

“This is not my job, I have no time for this, it’s not my job to control customers at the entrance, my restaurant is clean,” Lazarou said.

“What happens if vaccinated and not vaccinated customers start a quarrel at the entrance?” he asked during an interview with state broadcaster ERT.

Lazarou underlined that focus should be to persuade citizens to get vaccination

PS The moment vaccination is not mandatory, no one can be put under political, social or other pressure to get vaccinated if he/she does not wish to do so.

You can not divide citizens according to their medical records. How about them who cannot get vaccination for medical issues?

What’s next in our Greek democracy? Hotels and beaches, rest rooms, buses and ferries  for vaccinated and not vaccinated people and bracelet for the immune ones?

One should recall that when the vaccination legislation passed at the Parliament, it was clearly stated that the “vaccination is not mandatory” and “no distinctions can be made.”

Me, as a fully vaccinated and inoculated citizen since mid-May, I say that the measure is politically wrong and practically unimplementable.

Tell us what do you think?

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Ι’m curious about the controller’s reaction at a restaurant entrance when I ask him to show me his vaccination pass. 😛

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  1. A total pile of shit. Full stop.

    • Freedom for vaccinated people, what a joke!!!!!!
      My wife and I are permanent residents on a Greek island, we have had both vaccines.
      BUT because we’ve had a temporary AMKA number we are not able to get the vaccination passport as proof, the reason of course the good old Greek beauracacy that they can’t tie up the temporary AMKA numbers to the new moden 21st century technology if you don’t have a taxisnet code.
      Just spent 60 euros today for a PCR test for the wife because of this little oversight of some faceless person in an office somewhere, and we are just two of thousands across Greece with the same problem.
      So freedom!!! No we don’t

      • I actually have a taxisnet code and after a long wait was allocated temporary AMKA, then immediately after my second jab received an SMS (only have basic pay as you go phone) saying that from the next day I could get the certificate either on line or through KEP. .. NEITHER worked! Seems to me that as every day passes yet another complicated and unworkable idea is announced, yet hundreds of people are still waiting for their temporary AMKA numbers, there’s never any mention of them though! Shameful !!i

      • I was in the same situation – no Taxisnet, temporary AMKA – and went in to ΚΕΠ with the temporary AMKA, passport, residency card and vaccine appointment text, and they did it for me… I received my certificate by email next day, which was this morning… Maybe you’ve already tried that, but just in case not!

        • Hi julie
          I went to the KEP office with all the same paperwork and residents permit as you did
          My temporary AMKA number started with a 9.
          Kep told me that there is a problem on the system with numbers starting with 9.
          However that was a week ago, can you tell me please if your number started with 9, if so I shall try again

          • Mine starts with 08… The first few digits are my date of birth actually

          • The normal AMKA numbers have the first 6 digits as your date of birth, in the format ddmmyy. Presumably, as it is not possible to have a day of the month beyond 31, only temporary AMKA numbers begin with 9.

          • Thanks for your replies, When I went to KEP I had all the same paper work with, apart for actual passport, only its number,,My temporary AMKA starts with 9 so if this is the problem I wish all KEP staff had been told!

      • Sorry, trying to reply since this morning but it wouldn’t let me post because it said 6+9 wasn’t 15 😂 Mine is a temporary AMKA but starts with my date of birth instead of 9, so they must have changed the later ones to be like that to work on the system. What a pain… I really hope you can all get sorted

  2. I can’t believe that Greece is behaving like this. It is DISCRIMINATION & a total DISGRACE. What a DISGUSTING attitude towards your citizens and visitors. Greece has a very short memory!

  3. It seems to me that we are going back to the times of the Ku Klux Klan, where democracy, freedom of choice.

  4. Well, other than to comment that we predicted all of this shit… My main comment is to laugh uncontrollably at the concept of “Covid-free Spaces” — based on the vaccination histories of their occupants.

    Presumably, the so-called expert advisors to the Greek government are unaware that most people dying of Covid-19 in the UK and elsewhere have been vaccinated. Moreover, in several countries (including Israel and Australia) the new Delta variant has required resumption of precautions such as facemasks and lockdowns — despite high levels of vaccinations.

    Basically, vaccinations reduce the chances of an infected person being very seriously ill or dying from the virus. They do not create “Covid-free zones”.

    • Yes, I read that the UK had 117 deaths from the Delta variant, of which 50 had been fully vaccinated. The idea of safety is an illusion.
      I’ve also had the vaccine, but I don’t like the idea of creating social categories out of it. Not everyone I know has had the vaccine, should I not socialize with them? Creating social categories reinforces social judgment, which can lead to social tension, shunning and harassment. We need to unite, not divide

      • Oh dear, statistics is not a strong point here I see…

        The vaccines are (in general) around 95% effective, we’ve known that almost since day one. That means that of every 20 people vaccinated, one will still become infected. Some will need to be admitted to hospital. Some will die. That’s the normal consequence of a vaccine that’s less than 100% effective.

        Whilst it’s true then that vaccinated people aren’t guaranteed to be uninfected, these 1 in 20 odds are acceptable enough to begin the essential economic recovery of the entertainment sector, a sector particularly badly hit by the lock-downs. It is absurd to suggest that we keep everything shutdown until we have a 100% guarantee – because that will never happen.

        This plan is far from divisive, in fact it embraces choice for everyone. The venue owner can choose how to operate, the public can choose whether to enter, and the public can choose whether to be vaccinated. How much choice do you want?!

        We have a well-known saying in English; “you can’t have your cake and eat it as well”. It means that choices have consequences. Under this plan we are all equally free to choose, but we must accept the consequences of our choices. Choose wisely.

        • If you mean that statistics is not your strong point, I agree. First of all, the 95% effectiveness claim is from the pharmaceutical companies, and is not independently scientifically verified. Secondly, that estimate of effectiveness concerns preventing the death of the person vaccinated if they contract the virus. Thirdly, it does not mean that only 5% get Covid-19: there is no claim that the vaccination prevents the transmission of the virus. Fourthly, the estimate of 95% effectiveness is made concerning the original virus strain: it is unknown how effective it is for the latest strains — Delta and Delta+. In fact, the Astra-Zeneca people are now suggesting that a third vaccination is a good idea — something based on zero trials and is no more than an educated guess!

          As for not having cakes and eating them, this applies to the morons who supported Brexit. It has no relevance to those of us who reject the anti-scientism of most governments’ policies addressing the Novel Coronavirus.

        • Well said Tony

  5. Armbands with yellow stars next? ⭐️

  6. Agenda 2021 I guess, segregation and division. I don’t even have words anymore for this. Basic human rights are for EVERYONE, regardless of their medical records or if they have opinions that don’t follow the party line. This is not only disgusting and wrong, but also creates and environment where even worse things can and will be done. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: What can be done to one, can be done to anyone. Even if you’re vaxxed and hate all of us unvaccinated evil people and agree with this bs, just wait until YOU are one of the “undesirables” – we live in extremely dangerous times

  7. What an awful mess it is! I am really finding it difficult to understand how it has all gone SO wrong here in Greece. Is there nobody in charge?Wall of immunity? 150 euros to encourge the young to be vaccinated?Nothing is going to work until someone gets a grip!! Im losing the will to live, waiting waiting waiting for vaccination, there is no life for me here until I can get some immunity.what a bloody mess…….and nobody cares

  8. MoneyForNothing

    They should just stop being delusional, me and so many more will never get vaccinated.
    Okay okay, for 2500 euro I will.

  9. Looks like Greece is mutating and in concerning ways, it seems. 😠 Well, sayonara for now. (And I’m a half Greek person from Switzerland, at heart yearning to see “my” island Kefalonia again.)
    I’m a person below the age of 40, who hasn’t yet definitely decided if I go for a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 or not. What some countries are cooking up to divide the population is repulsive.

  10. Congratulations on causing divisions between families, friends and society!

  11. Check out this from Denmark. They have had this and it DIDN’T work and they removed this shitty rule very fast!!!!