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Bookings to Greece surge after UK relaxes Covid quarantine rules

A decision Thursday by the British government to scrap quarantine for fully-vaccinated Britons returning from medium-risk amber list countries from July 19 has sparked a surge for bookings in Greece and other destinations, according to media reports Friday.

British Airways reported a 96 percent increase in the number of views on its website, while travel operator Thomas Cook said searches for Greece had “tripled in volume and will be the biggest winner from families booking last-minute summer holidays.”

“We have always said that vaccination is the key to unlocking travel and this means that millions will finally be able to reunite with family and loved ones abroad or take that long-awaited trip this summer,” Johan Lundgren, chief executive of easyJet, was quoted as saying.

Alicante, Malaga, Faro, Nice and Corfu are among the top destinations for flights this summer, the airline said.

A spokesperson for TUI told the BBC the tour operator had seen a “surge in website visits showing demand is incredibly strong”.

The most popular destinations among their holidaymakers were Mediterranean hotspots such as Spain and Greece, the company said.

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  1. If anyone is watching the Euro football games in Wembley, with thousands of packed fans without masks and the Delta variant in the air, you can’t help but wonder if it’s a recipe for disaster! Boris Johnson said it’s an “experiment “!

    Well, they will come, but I will steer clear from overly packed tourist venues just to play it safe. Let’s hope the heat keeps cases down. Τι να πω!

    Do we have any news on how many Cases in Greece is from Delta?

    • Mary Lou Abbruzzese

      See the page on Covid updates. There is a chart of all the variants as of yesterday.

  2. Yes but those of us who have been vaccinated in Greece will still have to quarantine when we arrive in the UK despite having had exactly the same vaccinations as those vaccinated in the UK. By not accepting EU vaccination certificates as proof of vaccination Boris is just playing the game where he makes out that the EU is an inferior thing to the UK. Divide and conquer wins over common sense with him.

  3. Just for once I agree with all of you .
    It’s a very silly game of politics
    And all these people in the stadium watching football without a care

  4. EU does not recognise UK vaccine (covid shield), so it seems fair

  5. Apparently they all had to show a negative test before being allowed into Wembley. All except the ones who were bragging about sneaking in without a ticket.

  6. Oh great. Both the Alpha and Delta variants spread through the world via the UK. What could possibly go wrong by allowing Brits to come to the continent?

    • Only the vaccinated. There is a reason why vaccinated people don´t need masks.

      • Yes, it’s called a political decision. Vaccinated people are not free from the virus — just less likely to die from it. But the science doesn’t match the political narrative, sorry about that.