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British tourists flee Zakynthos quarantine hotel, attempt to fly back to UK

British tourists tested positive to Covid-19 and ordered to isolate in a quarantine hotel on the island of Zakynthos fled the facility and attempted to travel back to UK.

The four British women were on holiday in Zakynthos, when they developed mild coronavirus symptoms and underwent rapid tests the previous days, All tests showed they were positive to Covid-19.

According to information from local website ermisnews, they were transferred to a quarantine hotel in the area of ​​Keri.

In the early hours of Monday, July 12, their flight to England was departing.

The four women decided to “flee” the quarantine hotel and fly back to their homeland.

When the hotel management realized the four British women were missing from their rooms, they notified the health organization EODY and the Zakynthos police department.

When the four young women arrived at the airport, police officer were already waiting for them.

They took them to a special room at the airport and from there with an ambulance back to the quarantine hotel in Keri.

According to imerazante, the four British tourists were ordered to quarantine for 14 days.

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  1. They had mild symptoms, were not at danger, there was no reason to impose any restrictions on them. As health minister said:

    》No one has the right to impose restrictions on a person that is not in danger of ending up in an ICU

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they were danger for the others

      • People who are at danger of ending up in an ICU should be quarantined and locked up. Why we even allow old un-vaccinated people outside?

        • keeptalkinggreece

          you no idea what you’re talking about.

        • Pannonian Sailor

          So you propose lock the seniors or sick people and deny them basic human rights, so you could walk around freely.

          Since you did not think about it here is what will happen with them:
          1 they will move less, so their general condition will be worse
          2 they will be denied medical healthcare (or severely restrict it)
          3 as result of 1 and 2 some will die prematurely.

          I guess your age is the age when you are not personally concerned, but rest assured we will all end up being old.
          Shame on you!

    • They all tested positive and were a danger to everybody else. The fact that they had mild symptoms is irrelevant. I hope to God you personally Rio would not roam around freely if you tested positive just because you weren’t feeling too bad

    • They tested positive for Covid-19.

      • Zante had enough bad publicity last year with youths coming back with Covid even though they actually took it out with them after being in Ibiza the previous week. These women would have passed the virus to others on the plane and were very stupid and selfish and got what they deserved.

    • you are an idiot , they could have infected the hole plane , even vaccinated people can catch covid-19

  2. Wales today. No worship singing in church, and the leader has to wear a mask
    God these ppl in charge all exceeded the expectations of knee jerk reactions, over reach and hyperbole; oh also Hypocritical actions.

  3. What a plonk !!

  4. But yesterday the develoopment and industry minister said nobody has the right to impose restrictions on someone who is not in danger of ending up in the ICU. Either the minister was talking through his backside or these tourists have been unlawfully imprisoned.

    I know which of those narratives I believe (hint – Greece seems to have some of the most stupid Government officials in Europe).

    • Neither do they have the right to deliberately infect other people who may end up dead! Manslaughter if that happens. I think that trumps human rights don’t you?