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Heavy fines for care homes & welfare facilities if hosting unvaccinated people in need

Greece’s Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias warned on Tuesday that all staff in care homes and welfare facilities for people with special needs must be vaccinated by August 16 and threatened the facilities with have fines up to 200,000 euros facilities if found hosting unvaccinated guests. The last part creates a huge social issue, the country’s mainstream media seem to have somehow forgotten to underline.

At a press conference along with other ministers to clarify the measures announced by the Prime Minister a day earlier, Kikilias said, among others, that the first dose of mandatory vaccination for health and administrative personnel in public and private care homes and facilities for people with disabilities and special needs will have to have been administered by August 16, 2021.

Otherwise, personnel will be suspended without pay, he added.

In addition, anyone admitted to such units must be fully vaccinated, Kikilias said  and threatened facilities with heavy fines

Fines of 50,000 euros will be imposed to such facilities for the first violation and reach 200,000 euros if repeated.

For staff in public and private healthcare facilities, the Minister said that they must all get at least the first dose of a vaccine by September 1.

He added that legislation will be passed for the replacement of all those not vaccinated by that date with quick temporary contracts.

A special committee will be set up to determine whether healthcare workers can be exempted for health reasons, he added.

“I recommend that anyone who has not been vaccinated should get vaccinated,” he added.

PS What’s next in this dystopic regime targeting the most vulnerable? Deny health services to those unvaccinated? Will care homes and welfare facilities kick out grannies, grandpas and people with special needs for being unvaccinated?

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  1. It looks like WW 2 !!!!!!! Somebody gives you a yellow star !!!!!! My God what a world we live in 😥😥😥

    • Maybe I get deported if I stay unvaccinated, and I will. Remember those islands for sick people back in the day?
      Those might be used for healthy unvaccinated people, people with a backbone.

      • With a backbone, yes of course!! You are so brave & tough!! Fight the man, fight the system, refuse to even consider the possibility that proven & tested medical treatment might actually be correct & save lives!! Shout loudly that you will not take the evil vaccine, have no consideration for other people, even your own family, let them all suffer or die!!

        Are you really so stupid that you believe you are being strong & brave? You are an idiot, you are a coward, small minded & selfish.

        • @Melvyno
          The vaccine does not prevent the spread of covid, it just lessens the symptoms for those unfortunate enough to catch it.
          What is problem if you have taken the vaccine?
          You don’t have any right to dictate to others what they should and shouldn’t do.

          Maybe if you shake your head and clear the fog from your brain you might actually realise that there is so much more to this than a simple virus and vaccine.

  2. It feels like we are living in a dictatorship not a so-called democracy!!! So much for the country who first invented it.
    @ Melvyno: I wouldn’t call these vaccines tried and tested. Firstly, no one is sure of the long-term effects. Furthermore, some people have suffered from severe side effects from the vaccine and even lost their lives. Finally, the vaccine seems somewhat ineffective. Some fully vaccinted individuals ( speaking from personal experience too) have still contracted and spread Covid.
    If all that is not enough, many experts maintain that Covid19 is like the flu in that it will continuously mutate, meaning that herd immunity is impossible to attain.
    In the meantime, those not willing to be test subjects for dubious vaccines are being unjustly reviled by the government and some self-righteous guineapigs!