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Detentions, tear gas and water canon during anti-vaccines protest in Athens

Greek police detained more than five anti-vaccines protesters on Wednesday when the latter started to hurl bottles and other objects. Police responded with limited use of tear gas and water from a special police vehicle.

The incidents started early evening when some 3,500 protesters who had gathered at Syntagma Square left the area assigned for the demonstration.

Police asked them to move away from Amalia Avenue to not hinder the traffic but the protesters did not comply yet started to throw at police whatever they held in their hands.

the detained were later released.

Small scale incidents took place also outside the Athens University on Panepistimiou Avenue where anti-authoritarians held a protest over social justice and had nothing to do with the pandemic

At some point, anti authoritarians attacked anti-vaxxers who were heading to Syntagma Square. One anti-vaxxer was reportedly injured and was taken to hospital with an ambulance.

Επεισόδιο μεταξύ αντιεξουσιαστών - αντιεμβολιαστών στα Προπύλαια

Like last week, again it was religious fanatics and far-rights at Syntagma square protesting against the mandatory vaccination of certain professionals.

Again, the anti-vaxxers were using symbols like Greek flags and crosses to demonstrate patriotism and faith to Orthodoxy.

Some were supporters of a party created by one of the Golden Dawn convicts, currently in jail.


Anti-vaxxers protested also in other Greek cities.

Note that on social media, the anti-vaccines movement used aerial shots of massive protests held in Athens in 2018 and 2019 to demonstrate massive flow of people against the state Covid-19 vaccine policy. The protests were held against the Prespes Agreement between Greece and (now) North Macedonia.

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  1. Talking about “anti-vaxxers” is inaccurate. I myself have taken a ton of vaccines over the years. I’m just not taking this one

  2. fifty years ago people who resisted tyrannical power and abuse of human rights, were largely demonized as ‘far left extremists’. Today the fashion is to demonize them as ‘far right extremists’. The ruling class changes colors and brand names every couple of election cycles to keep the suckers thinking they’ve got a choice, but every time you see people struggling for freedom and pushing back against tyranny , all people must drop silly ideologies and stand together.
    There’s definitely something fishy about this ‘vaccine’, no matter what else it might or might not be, simply the maniacal fixation and hysteria they have about the whole matter is simply not normal or reasonable for any kind of medical procedure. Somethingstinks there and people who question that in any way are likewise immediately demonized in the corporate mass media. Add to that the long list of grievances people have already been piling up about endless abuses of power not only of this government but many previous governments… and people are rightly demanding accountability.
    As greeks we must wake up and realize that many successive governments have for quite a long time been selling us out to international bankers, to foriegn interests, and to their own corrupt cronies. Every single one of them must be brought to justice and the vast majority of them deserve long long terms in prison. Maybe the past year and a half the dictatorship got cranked up to such a crazy level that people are finally starting to get off their butts to put a stop to it!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they ARE far-right and racists and some members of criminal organization, therefore in jail.. they state it clearly and behaved according to their priniples. what you write here is nonsense.

    • The millions of dead around the world explains what you believe to be ‘maniacal fixation and hysteria about this vaccine’. Just a get a couple of jabs and then go and sit in a corner and be quiet so the rest of the sensible world can try to get on with life as it should normally be.
      As for ‘abuses of power’ and ‘selling us out to international bankers, to foriegn interests, and to their own corrupt cronies’ – well you have a vote, everyone has one and if they don’t like what they are getting or what they are being offered using your vote is how you change it. You can even stand to be elected yourself – although in your case I’m not sure I’d recommend it.

      • Haha best response ever. Go sit quietly in a corner, was my favourite.

        Seriously, people complain and complain about the measures in place, but are unwilling to do the one thing that will improve things.

        They talk about fear mongering, etc…but they’re afraid of one little vaccine- the amount of absolute nonsense I’ve heard regarding this vaccine would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

        Most were vaccinated as children, they vaccinated their own children without even batting an eyelid, but, ‘oh no, suddenly this particular vaccine and only this one contains cells from the devil’, or is ‘fishy’ or whatever else. The only thing fishy here is how people of normal IQ have fallen for all the bs being dished out by social media. Go to pubmed, go to Google scholar, inform yourself. Facebook, Instagram and the likes don’t necessarily present factual information, nor does your 3rd cousin’s neighbour whose son is a Dr, etc…- in most cases, it’s the opposite.

        • candace owens said it so well ill just have to quote her here:
          ‘Can anybody point me to that one time in history where the side that was demanding censorship, segregation, propaganda, radical education, papers to move freely in society, plus government forces going door to door to demand compliance were the good guys?’

          • I notice that your ‘candace owens’ also didn’t mention any virus or pandemic. If I’m being asked to stay at home for my own safety and the safety of mankind and that might require me to send a text or fill in a form before leaving the house then that is just fine. The text message and the form are only there because otherwise some selfish/stupid individuals would put everyone at risk and get away with it. So there you go that is your one time in history where something good came from segregation, education and requiring papers to move freely in society. As for the government forces going door to door – well that only happened in your head.