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Anti-vaxxer parents burn children book informing preschoolers on pandemic (video)

Parents opposing vaccination and the wearing of masks set a children’s book on fire to protest the measures against Covid-19. The unprecedented incident that reminds of “dark days” of our civilization took place in Halkida, the cpaital of the island of Evia, just 50 km away from Athens. The book …

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Police sends to prosecutor websites, social media accounts spreading anti-vaxxer content

The Greek Police Department for Prosecuting Electronic Crime announced on Tuesday that an ordered investigation had uncovered incriminating evidence on four websites and six social media accounts by coronavirus- and vaccination-deniers, who have been encouraging people not to get vaccinated and file lawsuits against doctors, teachers and police officers. According …

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Police investigates websites offering “legal protection against Covid-measures” to anti-vaxxers

Minister of Citizens’ Protection Takis Theodorikakos ordered an investigation into websites and social media accounts that spread fake information about the pandemic and offer fake legal advise to anti-vaxxers in exchange for money. The investigation order was sent to the head of the police’s Department for Electronic Crime, Vassilis Papakostas, …

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Anti-vaxxers protest PM at TIF, clash with police in Thessaloniki

Αnti-vaxxers clashed with police in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, outside the premises of Thessaloniki International Fair where Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis delivered an important speech that included economic police measures. Hundreds of protesters against Covid-19 vaccination, among them also families with children, gathered in downtown Thessaloniki on Saturday afternoon. At some …

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Anti-vaxxers verbally attack, boo priests in Greece’s churches (videos)

Anti-vaxxers in Greece have found a new way to make their attitude heard: they have started to verbally attack priests when the latter speak to congregation in favor of vaccinations against Covid-19. In just two days, two incidents occurred in Zakynthos and Thessaloniki where anti-vaxxers protested the priest shouting Shame! …

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Protesters in Cyprus attack Sigma TV over Covid measures and vaccines

Protesters against coronavirus measures and vaccines in Cyprus attacked television station SIGMA and torched cars outside the building in Nicosia on Sunday evening, the station said. So far, police arrested five people. Police confirmed the incident at Sigma TV and said around 2,500 protesters went to the network after a …

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