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Anti-vaxxers in Greece claim “coercion policy” as reason of denial, poll finds

The majority of anti-vaxxers in Greece refuse to get the vaccines against Covid-19 because they are force to to do, a recent public opinion poll has found.

According to a survey by Focus Bari for conducted December 21-31, 2021 on a sample of 1,002 people aged 18-74 vaccine reluctance was higher among those aged under 44.

65% of vaccination deniers said that they did not want to get the vaccines because they felt that they were being forced to do so.

57% said the vaccine was still in an experimental phase and 43% expressed concern about the long-term side effects.

21% said that the coronavirus pandemic was “fabricated.”

It is worth mentioning, though, that 83% of the respondents said they had already been inoculated.

8% said they might get vaccinated, while 9% said they would probably or definitely not get vaccinated.

Between January and December 2021, Focus Bari has conducted 8 public opinion polls across the country on this issue.

The proportion of vaccinated / positive Greeks to get vaccinated shows a steady increase from January to October 2021, and from there on remains stable / marginally increasing in the last three measurements, an increase that comes mainly from older age groups.

The results on the last poll at the end of 2021 reportedly show that a little more than 4 in 5 Greeks have already had the vaccine/ have an appointment / will definitely get the vaccine.

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  1. So why did the 65% not get the vaccine before they were forced to????

  2. It would also be interesting to hear why people did get vaccinated and the timeline for their vaccinations. This survey seems to be missing quite a bit of analysis just focusing on the “deniers”