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Are anti-vaxxers “Guardians of Constitution” a criminal organization? Prosecutor investigates

A public prosecutor in Athens is widening an inquiry into a group of anti-vaxxers calling itself the “Guardians of the Constitution,” who last week handcuffed and forced a school principal into a car in northern Greece.

Prosecutors will investigate whether the activities of the group could support a charge of establishing a criminal organization, incitement to disobedience, illegal possession and use of weapons.

Expanding the investigation into a crime including that of a criminal organization has been ordered by the head of the Prosecutor’s Office of First Instance Sotiria Papageorgakopoulou after “guardians”-members in recent posts appear in a photo dressed in camouflage uniforms, holding weapons, state-run news agency amna reported on Monday.

The picture appeared on print and social media after the abduction of the school principal last Friday.

Video by state ERT TV showing also scenes from the abduction

The incident and the picture created an uproar, especially as the group seemed to be trained by an army reserve officer.

One of the arrested, a woman, had posted on her social media account footage on which she was claiming she could not understand the uproar “since we train to defend ourselves against illegals, to pull the trigger when necessary,” as she characteristically said.

Another man, who seems to have the leader in the abduction is affiliated with a far-right political party, media reported

Among the 11 people arrested in Aiginio, central Macedonia are also people from Athens. According to media reports only 3-4 people were residents of the area, while the remaining of the arrestees were from other regions across the country.

The 11 arrested who are to appear before the prosecutor face charges of abduction, gang participation, disrupting a public service and violating measures designed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

At least one of the charges, the abduction, is a felony.

The unprecedented incident rang the alarm bells in the government with Development Minister and ruling New Democracy Vice Adonis Georgiadis to describe the group as “almost a terror organization.”

PS the Greek wanna-be-Trumpistas are the lunatics who try to take over the local asylum.

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