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Anti-vaxxer parents burn children book informing preschoolers on pandemic (video)

Parents opposing vaccination and the wearing of masks set a children’s book on fire to protest the measures against Covid-19. The unprecedented incident that reminds of “dark days” of our civilization took place in Halkida, the cpaital of the island of Evia, just 50 km away from Athens.

The book of well-known children author Eugene Trivizas informs children about the pandemic and is scheduled to be distributed to kindergartens across Greece.

Trivizas’ book explains to the children issues that have to do with the coronavirus pandemic and for this reason it became the target of anti-vaxxer parents.

The parents gathered at a square of Halkida on Sunday and a young father claimed in rant that this book “was dared given” to his 4-year-old child before throwing it into a garbage tin together with masks and setting them on fire.


The father claimed further that apart from the parents also concerned teachers and lawyers were at the protest opposing any measures, saying “No” to mandates and to “terrorism” as also a banner they had was reading.

The parents reportedly claimed the book was “propaganda” aiming at children’s minds.

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