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Anti-vaxxers send One-Trillion-Euro fine to Governor of South Aegean

Anti-vaxxers have sent a fine order amounting almost 1.8 trillion euros was sent to the governor of South Aegean, Giorgos Hatzimarkos and members of the Regional Council. The payment order should be settled within 20 days, the document notes.

The fine order was sent by the so-called “native indigenous Greeks”, a group of anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists who love to file lawsuits with exorbitant fines mostly to teachers for “forcing children to self-tests and wearing of masks.”

The fine order to Hatzimakos and the 52 council members was uploaded by the regional governor on social media. The reason for the fine is not clearly stated as the sender refer vaguely to some unknown “Treaty.”

Hatzimarkos reacted with humor writing on his Facebook account that the regional government wasted quite some time to count together the amount needed adding they would “now have to organize a benefit concert or sell a DVD with the council meetings” in order to get together the 1,799,616,000,000 euros they have to pay.

“One can wonder for hours what has gone wrong in this country,”  governor Hatzimarkos commented.

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  1. Used to have a Television series in England many moons ago called, “Monty Pythons Flying Circus”.
    These Anti-vaxxers would have been good material for the shows script writers.

  2. not any more or less legitimate than the ‘fines’ imposed by the government in athens, when you think about it.

    • You might argue that the government were wrong to pass laws encroaching on people’s liberty or that, in some cases, the police enforced the law incorrectly but these actions were quite literally “legitimate”.

      Legitimate means “Correct according to the law”. The government passed a law through parliament that made certain activities illegal with a fine defined as the penalty for breaking the law. That is the “legitimate” job of the government. The police enforced the law and imposed a fine on anyone who broke it. That is the “legitimate” job of the police.

      There is no law under which these Covidiots are issuing these fines.