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Development Minister tested positive to Covid-19, says he is fully vaccinated

Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis announced on Tuesday morning that he has tested positive to Covid-19. He said that he is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and that he will be in quarantine.

On his Twitter account, Georgiadis said he developed a fever although he had undergone a rapid test earlier in the day,  and was found to be negative for the coronavirus. A PCR test followed and turned positive.

“Although I did a rapid test when I went to ANT1 TV on Monday based on the protocol and I was found negative, suddenly I had a fever last night. I immediately did a pcr test and the results showed I was positive for coronavirus. I am almost 49 years old and the only reason I know I will go through it mildly is the fact that I am fully vaccinated. I call on all citizens at my age, especially those older than me, to be vaccinated as soon as possible.”

He added that “it is not possible to predict where and how you will get infected and it is a pity. I will be into quarantine, but I am fine and I will continue to work normally online.”

He said further that people he met on Monday are “all vaccinated and according to the protocol they are not required to be placed into quarantine, hence my office will operating normally.”

The Minister said that it is the first time that he gets infected with Covid-19 and that in Nov 2020 he was placed in quarantine after contact with a confirmed infection case. Back then he was tested negative.

While half of Greeks wish him Περαστικά (get well soon) the other half request that he publishes his vaccination certificate and recall that he attended without mask the reception at the Presidential Residence on Saturday and even posted pictures of him with other guests who did not wear a mask either.

Reception guests were reportedly allowed either with vaccination certificate or with negative Covid-test.

As not otherwise expected, anti-vaxxers quickly reacted too and posted that politicians say ‘all lies’ and go like “vaccinated get infection too, they get fever, transmit the virus to others” and so on.

PS Of course, vaccinated get Covid-19 too, however, data show that chances that they die of the virus are very slim like in cases they did not develop enough anti-bodies for x medical reasons.

However, here, the mistakes of the government and the PM are to blame as they claim loud and clear that vaccinated people are fully protected.

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  1. Did he recover? Any updates? I’m curious how bad the virus can be on someone who is fully vaccinated.