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Dev Minister: For “Porsche lamb” at the butcher, for low quality at the supermarket! (POLL)

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis literally admitted that the quality of meat in supermarkets is low and anyone who wants good quality meat will go to the butcher. He described meat at the butcher as “Porsche lamb” implying “a Zastava or something lamb” at the super. “At the butcher, you get …

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“More time needed before hard lockdown,” says Development Minister

Greece’s Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Tuesday said that more time should be considered before a hard lockdown is imposed Athens and Attica. He stressed that the results of the tightening over the measures since last Saturday should be awaited. “More time should be given” Georgiadis said short after …

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Greek Minister threatens with jail prosecutor investigating Novartis scandal

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis is known to have a big mouth. On Wednesday, he went so far to threaten the head prosecutor investigating possible involvement of politicians to the Novartis bribes scandal with imprisonment. Corruption prosecutor Eleni Touloupaki, “should go to jail because she violated the Constitution” for pressing charges …

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Greeks got new Defense and Development Ministers

Former Development Minister Nikos Dendias was named new Defense Minister after Dimitris Avramopoulos took the plane for Brussels and a new post as EU Commissioner for Migration. Consequently, the cabinet needed a new Development Minister…. Kostas Skrekas, a New Dimocratia MP from Trikala. PS we could also called this a …

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Multinationals blackmail Greece: Part-timers on €250-300 monthly salary

Turning Greek labour forces into “Chinese workers” without rights and an as-minimum-as-possible wage  seems to be the dream not only of the International Monetary Fund, the Troika and Germany but also that of multinational companies. Allegedly in the name of holy competitiveness, multinationals want to trade “peanuts” for “salary” in order to invest …

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Development Minister “Sacks” 37 Civil Servants After Bribes Scandal

 Newly appointed Development Minister Anna Diamantopoulou took some rigorous decision: She asked 37 civil servants incl. their supervisors at the ministry’s Private Investment Department to resign and ordered the inspector of public administration to open their bank accounts and investigate their assets from 2005 until today. Greek Development, Competitiveness and …

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