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No fine for customers leaving a restaurant at 11 pm curfew, says Minister

There will be no curfew violation for anyone leaving a restaurant at 11 p.m. when it closes, Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis said, referring to the planned opening on May 3.

“There is no question of a fine,” he said in an interview with Mega TV on Saturday.

Restaurants will close at 11 p.m. because the infection rate remains high, he added.

Starting on Monday, April 26, the curfew will begin at 10 p.m. – from 9 p.m. currently – The new time will be in force all through the Holy Week and at 11 p.m. on Monday, May 3.

Note than the curfew is shortened during the Holy Week due to the religious services and from May 3 due to pressure by the restaurant sector that said they cannot close at 9 or 10 o’ clock at night.

The Minister did not elaborate on how those who have been in a restaurant will confirm this as there is no specific sms for dinning out and there are scenarios in the press that the sms may be scrapped all together on May 3.

“The key is the vaccine. If we persuade our fellow citizens to get vaccinated, then what we are discussing now will not matter,” he added, stressing that “once we reach the wall of immunity we will be able to open everything, without any problems, as in Israel.”

PS Meanwhile the so-called lockdown restrictions are so surreal that not even the legislating government can deal with them, I’m afraid. What the Minister practically said is that restaurant customer can be out on the streets even one hour after the curfew starts until they reach their homes, while the rest of us will have to be in at 11:00.  *rolling eyes”.

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  1. If you can actually get the vaccine have been waiting now fora month as a 66 year old….

  2. All systems go to fully open the country and “the key is the vaccine”.

    If the vaccine is the key, why is the Greek Government delaying the issue of temporary AMKA’s to ex-pats such as myself when no AMKA = No vaccination.

    I have now been registered on the website for over one month and not heard a thing. The local KEP office say that all I can do is wait !!

    • What is the bureaucratic point of an AMKA, Greece is the only country that makes it so difficult for its citizens and residents.
      In any other country, as long as you have a resident permit you get a vaccination

      • To get an AMKA number you have either to pay in to the Greek heather care system or have your heath care transferred form another county. Basically no scroungers , this is not the UK But I do think people without AMKA should be able to get a vaccination with others off there age group , if they pay for the vaccination

        • Not exactly true, I know of some foriegn nationals who received an uninsured AMKA 6 weeks ago. Even though they live here they don,t admit to it, and continue to use the health care system in their home country.

        • Lynn, This is not about scroungers! If we don’t work in greece or reach uk retirement age we ARE NOT ALLWED TO JOIN AMKA AT ANY PRICE! It makes me so angry that you think we are scroungers. We are currently not on any list for a jab and have been on the list for a temp amka for 11 weeks! We are 62 and 57 both with vulnerability. We are not allowed to buy the jab which we would all love to do. We may need a covax delivery for the foerigners without amka as the greek govenmen is positively discriminating against us. Greeks of 30 plus are now being called up and they are opening the whole country to tourists. Why do our lives not matter as much as greek lives? All the greeks in the uk are treated exactly like a uk citizen ………..but not here! Come on greece ………….or we shall be leaving in our droves!

  3. Also waiting for the so called temporary AMKA. Does it even exist? Desperate to get the vaccine, really scared to go out.

  4. Trying to get a vaccine in Ontario is like looking for treasure without a map! The “official” website is a nightmare to navigate. If you call the 1-800 phone line, be prepared to wait for hours. Then there are pop-up clinics where you’ll be lucky if you get anything. Everyone wants pfizer or moderna after all the problems with astra-zeneca. And we have a 4 month wait time between shots. I was lucky that I got an appointment 10 days after I called. My teaching colleagues have appointments starting the middle of May.

    Trying to get a vaccine is so bad, there has been a “pop up” twitter group called “vaccine hunters Canada” that compiles where and when vaccines are available. People have abandoned the official channels and are following their news. We are vaccinating here in Ontario by (wait for it): age, postal code, pop ups and “hot spots”. But the people still have to go to the vaccines, they are not taking the vaccines to the people – which would be most effective.