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Dev Minister: For “Porsche lamb” at the butcher, for low quality at the supermarket! (POLL)

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis literally admitted that the quality of meat in supermarkets is low and anyone who wants good quality meat will go to the butcher. He described meat at the butcher as “Porsche lamb” implying “a Zastava or something lamb” at the super.

“At the butcher, you get a Porsche lamb,” minister Georgiadis said during a show on “One TV” on Thursday.

The debate between the ruling ND minister and main opposition SYRIZA MP Christos Spirtzis was the minister’s decision to include lamb and goat in the so-called “Easter Basket” offered by the supermarkets with relative controlled or lower prices.

The decision has triggered the outrage by butchers and breeders as the set prices in the Easter Basket are around 10 euros per kilo for lamb and goat.

Georgiadis’ effort to justify the presence of lamb and goat in the Easter Basket ultimately made things worse.

“So you get a Porsche lamb at the butcher?” Spirtzis asked and the minister replied:”If you want to get a Porsche, it doesn’t mean that everyone should get a Porsche car.”

The minister added: “At the butcher you get much better quality meat. Obviously.

He concluded saying expressing the view of many ND ministers who divide the society into rich and poor: “Anyone who wants good meat should go to the supermarkets.”

As expected, the arrogance, populism and provocation of former bookseller Georgiadis put social media on fire.

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“Will you buy a Porsche lamb or are you some kind of poor?”

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