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New blaze in Vilia, West Attica, burns down houses, forest land

Some houses were completely burned down at the settlement of Profitis Ilias early Monday afternoon when the blaze passed though. The new wildfire broke out at noon and the town of Vilia as well as two settlements were evacuated.

The new wildfire broke out in Kaza, in the same area in western Attica where a large blaze burned for several days turning into charcoal thousands of acres of forest and agricultural land last week.

The fire on Monday quickly got out of control due to strong winds blowing with intensity of as much as 8 Beaufort.

Firefighting forces and areal means were strengthened late in the afternoon.

A total of 167 firefighters with 60 fire trucks are on site. They include 2 ground teams, 61 Romanian firefighters with 18 fire trucks (through the RescEU natural disaster program), and Fire Brigade drones.

The help by air includes 13 helicopters and 8 airplanes that include the large-capacity water-carrying Beriev-200 from Russia.

Additional assistance is provided by the volunteer firefighters, the Greek police, heavy machines and municipality water trucks.

Fire fighting efforts continue with the aim to prevent the flames from expanding to the Mountain of Kitheronas or cross over the old national highway and reach Erythres and Viotia.

Some parts of the old highway in the area are closed to traffic.

The mayor of Mandra spoke of “clear arson indications.”

Last week, the fire in Vilia was extinguished on Friday after burning for five consecutive days.

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