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Greece’s measures for unvaccinated at work, entertainment, museums, travel

Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias announced on Tuesday a framework of new public health safety measures that go into effect on September 13 and foresee tough restrictions on individuals that have not been vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The restrictions effective from September 13, 2021 include affect access of the unvacinnated to work and education, entertainment, culture and domestic travel.

The obligatory Rapid test will be no longer free of charge for the unvaccinated. It will be available at private facilities and labs at the price of 10 euro.

Regular testing for work and education
Regular testing for Covid-19 for workers at public and private sector, 0nce or twice per week depending on the labor sector. The tests will be carried out at the expense of workers as the government excludes unvacinnated citizens from the free tests.
Regular testing for unvaccinated students and teachers.

The results of all tests must be posted on the relevant government website, with proof of a negative result being printed out and produced for admission. In the event of a positive result, the individual will be given instructions for further testing and self-isolation.

More details on a separate KTG post here.

Entertainment, Culture

Admission to closed spaces of cafes, restaurants, clubs and sports venues will not be allowed without proof of Covid-19 vaccination or recovery from the disease. Unvaccinated will not be allowed.

Access to cinemas, theaters, museums and gyms:  Only with vaccination or recovery certificate or a negative PCR test carried out up to 48 hours earlier.


Masks remain mandatory in all indoor public settings and in crowded outdoor areas.

Mandatory vaccination

The government expands the mandatory vaccination to private doctors and pharmacists.

Domestic Travel

Unvaccinated travelers to all mainland and island destinations per public transport (ferries, airplanes, intercity buses KTEL) are obliged to a Rapid test 48 hours before the travel start. The test is obligatory for all adults and those aged 12-17. Those aged 5-12 will need a self-test.

Vaccinated or recovered travelers will have to show the relevant certificate.

“Measures not punitive”

Minister Kikilias said that the “new measures are not punitive.”

“They are our duty to all those who went through 18 months of the pandemic carefully, those who lost their shops, jobs, had to work from home to protect themselves,” he said.

HE added that in contrast to previous year, “vaccines have been available for eight months, giving us a choice that we did not have before.”

He stressed that at least one more million of vaccinations are needed so that the country achieves herd immunity and underlined that “over 90% of those Covid-patients currently in ICUs are unvaccinated.”
Kikilias said that hospitals will no longer spaces for treating Covid as a priority but serve patients with every kind of ailment and he underlined that vaccinations must continue in order to reach the 80 pct vaccination rate, which meant that another one million citizens needed to be vaccinated.
He said the measure for the suspension of unvaccinated healthcare workers will go ahead in September as planned and that mandatory vaccination concerns both the private and public healthcare sector, including private doctors and pharmacists.
PS How he will suspend private doctors and pharmacists from their own facilities is a miracle only the Minister can explain.
To sum up the genius series of measures for the unvaccinated: they will need a Test gain access to the majority of closed spaces, except for churches where they will need a single prayer.

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  1. As usual with government announcements, it raises more questions than it answers.

    What about tavernas? What about kafenions? What about hotels?

    And what about supermarkets? Only the vaccinated can eat in a restaurant, but everybody can presumably crowd together in shops, vaccinated or not. What’s the point?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it’s clear: closed space in taverna, cafenio etc

      shopping was not included so what’s the point of listing all possible/impossible options?

      • What’s the point in trying to separate the population into two herds, then allowing them to mix and mingle at the shops?

  2. The ICU numbers of unvaccinated are falling. It was 99%. Now 90%.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      clowns always make you laugh 😛

    • It is simple primary school maths that as the percentage of vaccinated citizens rise the percentage of unvaccinated patients in ICUs must fall. The vaccine is not 100 % efficacious so some vaccinated citizens will still become seriously ill. Think about what happens if 100 % of the population was vaccinated then 0 % of ICU patients would be unvaccinated. The fact that 50 % of the population is fully vaccinated but 90 % of ICU patients are unvaccinated tells you everything you need to know. If you are vaccinated you are roughly 10 times less likely to be in ICU. That is born out by studies in all countries with a high level of vaccination.

      • David Christopher

        This doesn’t necessarily follow though given the numbers. Say you had 250 people in the country who were unable to have a vaccine because of their immuno deficiency and they became ill. A simple mathematical analysis would tell you nothing about the population at large vaccinated or not.

  3. What is all this medical segragation for? If you’ve had yr vaccine shots you can STILL catch it AND spread it.. It doesn’t make you immune!
    Another that’s had yr jabs can still give it to other vaccinated people!! ..
    The governments of most countries want you divided so you can’t see the real picture.
    There is so much vitriol coming from both sides, it’s disgusting! Humanity and caring has been forgotten!

    • And on top of that the government is lying : no one in the medical world is any longer believing in ” herd immunity ” whether 90 % of people will be vaccinated or 99.99 % !

  4. David Christopher

    Greece seems to be very slow to the realisation that vaccinated people carry the virus as much or more than the unvaccinated. Testing is the only way of having any degree of certainty.

  5. Haven’t they seen what’s happening in Israel?

  6. What a load of hogwash, how on earth can the PM say that he won’t allow people with COVID-19 into a specific hospital facility if they are not vaccinated! That is crazy, also saying that medical professionals are not allowed into work from 13th September if they are not vaccinated. I think it’s time the Greek people should stand up to your PM and have him removed with the vote of no confidence because he’s not doing his job in a fit and fair capacity. What is he going to say next, they are to be locked in their houses because they are not allowed to go to a shopping centre for food? He seems to have lost sight of the people who pay his wages!!